Who? TMZ says:

 Brandon Davis was arrested last night for battery and possession of a controlled substance -- after a physical altercation in Hollywood with a regular roundtable guest on "Chelsea Lately."

Police searched him, found coke. Who is he? Seriously. I’ve no idea who this guy is. There’s a distant memory of him being “romantically” connected with Paris Hilton somehow, but A)that doesn’t exactly narrow it down, and B) I can’t imagine any circumstances that would burn that fact into my memory, unless he was arrested for trying to strangle her. Sigh. Time to Google . . . okay, he’s a “hell-raising oil heir.” Meaning, enough money to buy everything except true friends and a fifth decade.

 Cops were called to the Roosevelt Hotel after Brandon allegedly punched comedian Ben Gleib in the face. We're told Davis was denied entry to Beacher's Madhouse beforehand for his erratic behavior.

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