INDIANAPOLIS -- There has been plenty of speculation about where quarterback Sam Bradford is going to be selected in this April's draft. The quarterback is coming off a season-ending injury to his throwing (right) shoulder but some feel he could go No. 1 overall at St. Louis.

Bradford made his appearance in the media center at the NFL Scouting Combine inside Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday. He won't throw at the combine but will do all the work at his pro day March 25. Here's a few of the questions and answers.

Q. How did two days worth of medical testing come out? What are teams telling you and what are they asking you?

A. "Well, obviously there's a lot of questions about my shoulder. I think it checked out really well [Friday] when I went through the team physicals. No one found anything they weren't expecting to find. I'm in a great rehab program right now; my throwing sessions are really starting to pick up in intensity. My last throwing session consisted of over 100 throws. My arm feels great after I throw; it hasn't started to get sore yet. It feels great and I'm really happy with where it's at."

Q. What was the shoulder surgery?

A. "It was a reconstruction of the AC joint. They just went in and pretty much with like a nylon braid and put the clavicle back in place and pretty much resecured the joint."

Q. Did you second-guess yourself for trying to come back after it was initially injured last season?

A. "No, I don't second guess that decision at all. I think if I wouldn't have tried to come back, there's no way I could have lived with that decision. Everyone I talked to at the time said that I could come back and play. No one thought I needed surgery after the first injury. So I don't think I made the wrong decision at all with that."

Q. How important is it for you to do everything at your pro day?

A. "Extremely important. Obviously it'll be the first time that I've thrown in front of pro scouts since they've seen me play versus Texas when I got injured. So I think everyone's really anxious to see my arm and how it looks after surgery."

Q. How important would it be for you to be the top pick overall?

A. "I think everybody dreams about being No. 1. Through this process, I'm preparing myself. I'm gonna show those teams everything I have. But at the end of the day, it's up to them. So I'm really not worried about what I can't control."

Q. Do you feel like you are the best quarterback in the draft?

A. "To be honest, I haven't seen all the other quarterbacks play. I'm not going to compare myself to them. I know that I am a good player. I have confidence in my ability, and I feel like that when teams see me throw on the 25th, they'll really see what they're getting."

Q. St. Louis GM Billy Devaney said he heard you were throwing the ball 20 to 40 yards, but he didn't know if you were soft-tossing or really zipping it. Are you putting much on your passes?

A. "They're 20 to 40 yards, and I'm putting as much as I can on it. I feel like if you want to get your arm stronger, that's what you've got to do. I've gotten stronger every time that I've thrown, and it feels really good right now. No discomfort."


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