Maybe you stayed up to watch the 30-minute-plus FSN halftime show during the Wolves game Monday night or decided to turn in early because of all the basketball you've been watching lately. Either way, you missed the halftime scene in Oakland when fans booed Golden State owner Joe Lacob during the ceremony to retire the number of Warriors' great Chris Mullin.

"Tonight is about two things -- embracing history and respect," said Lacob, the second-year owner whose team just traded popular Monta Ellis to Milwaukee for injured center Andrew Bogut.

The r-word was the fans' cue to boo.

The hooting continued to the point where Mullin, a scoring machine during his career, picked up an assist by coming out and putting his arm around the owner. "I got it, I got it," he said to Lacob before promising fans that "things would work out just fine."

Then Hall of Famer Rick Barry buried the fans: "Show a little bit of class. .. This is crazy, seriously. You're doing yourself a disservice."

The Yahoo! Sports report included this from Kevin Love:  “Everything was cool until we started to hear the boos. Then we started laughing. It was funny to watch, but it wasn’t necessary. I thought it should have all been about Chris and everybody else should’ve felt that way.”

Lacob sounded like he was handling things pretty well. "Winning heals a lot of things," he said.

Ask David Kahn.


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