Now that the inauguration is over and President Obama is getting down to business, pundits around the world are advising him on where to start. What takes priority -- domestic issues, international concerns, the economy?

There is a topic that has not yet arisen on the new president's agenda, at least not that we've been informed -- until this week. It concerns the "greatest story the media has ignored," and just that little tidbit should excite the conspiracy theorists among us.

It's the UFO coverup "going on since 1947," according to an unknown correspondent who, through the miracle of the Internet, apparently sent his or her urgent message to more in-boxes than could be listed without a "see-next-page" option.

The sender admonishes the media for assisting in the denial of alien visitations to Earth. Of course, blaming the media is nothing new, so this part wasn't much of a shocker. But apparently it's time, according to the sender, for the "public [to say] enough is enough and demand the TRUTH about aliens," adding that the government thinks "we're a bunch of idiots and we can't handle knowing the truth."

In conclusion: "The American Press, the American Public, and our New President Barack Obama must 'change' this great lie our government has perpetrated for almost 70 years. Ladies and Gentlemen, Yes UFO's and Aliens are real and some government's, including the USA, already have this knowledge but they're working overtime to make sure this TOP Secret evidence doesn't become concrete in the eyes of the media and the public. They can't stop the inevitable." (The typos are as submitted.)

You should all be aware as well that "otherworldly beings are communicating to mankind in indirect ways," including "writing messages in our crops." There was then another admonishment to the media for not "demanding the truth" and telling the story.

So here you go. The media are now officially off the hook. Now can we get back to the economy?

Bonnie Williams is the editorial page editor of the Anderson (S.C.) Independent-Mail. Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service.