Age: 59, Party or principal: Demand Transit Revolution, Job and title: Organizer of Peaceful Revolutions; CEO, Neighborhood: East Harriet, Website:

Priority, if elected: Download my 150 page e-book: Demand Transit Revolution! My plan uses smaller vehicles -- 15-passenger vans and Metro Mobility sized buses. The service level is 5 minutes -- you won't wait more than 5 minutes for your Transit Revolution ride to show up. Transit Revolution is a jobs program -- 3,400 part-time drivers will be hired at $15/hr plus mandatory benefits. A utility billing model pays for it -- everyone in Minneapolis gets a Go Card. Transit Revolution can and will return us to the transit ridership we had in 1920 -- about three times today's Metro Transit ridership. Let's do it!

Ideas for job/population growth: Transit Revolution will launch a global business based right here in Minneapolis -- providing design services, and manufacturing the new, patentable products Transit Revolution will require.

Ideas to reduce crime: Reduce housing and transit costs; provide more transit access to jobs. People with jobs don't need crime -- people without a job sometimes turn to crime.

Ideas to lower property taxes: Minneapolis spends about one third more per person than St. Paul for city government. Why?! Let's get our costs in line with St. Paul's.

Did you support or oppose the Minnesota Vikings stadium package, approved by the city in May 2012? Yes ... since then the Wilfs were found guilty of civil racketeering; Ted Mondale couldn't repay a $150,000 Tom Petters clawback. Dump them ... redo the deal.

Should the city build a $200 million streetcar line along Nicollet and Central Avenues? No.

Should the mayor be allowed to appoint some school board members? No.

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