"Haven't seen this before." Twenty-four years ago today, we were still digging out from 2-3 feet of snow. On Nov. 4, 1991, the Twin Cities woke up to -3 degrees. The high that day was a refreshing 17. Today will be 55 degrees warmer.

I'm black and blue from pinching myself, watching a flotilla of boats on the lake. I don't remember boating in November, in Minnesota. That's a new one.

Uh oh, here it comes. Paul is about to go on about global warming. Not today. This is weather, not climate. But if the experts are right (and I suspect there's ample evidence), we'll continue to see more warmer-than-average days going forward.

After more flirting with 70 today, showers will arrive on Thursday. By Friday it will feel like November, with highs stuck in the 40s and scrappy stratocumulus clouds racing by.

– or blame – El Niño. At some point it will snow, and we'll see a rush of polar air. But for now, our supersized autumn limps on.