Louis Villaume

Louis Villaume, a lifelong Minnesotan, has been a Vikings fan since the late 1960s. He's also the seventh grade football coach in Rockford and works with the school's varsity team.

Villaume: Vikings' Fans Ready for Thursday

Posted by: Louis Villaume Updated: May 6, 2014 - 6:24 AM

The Minnesota winter has been exceedingly cruel in the 2013-14 off-season. This has left us bitter. 

Luckily, the NFL has a three day event. The 79th NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall will begin at 7 PM CST on Thursday night, May 8th. Rounds two and three will take place on Friday. The remaining rounds completed on Saturday. The NFL has decried that this and all further drafts will take place now in early May, as opposed to late April. As if our winter was not bad enough, the NFL piled on a week delay. 

Local fans are ecstatic about off-season acquisitions including: head coach Mike Zimmer; offensive coordinator Norv Turner; defensive coordinator George Edwards; cornerback Captain Munnerlyn; defensive tackle Linvar Joseph; defensive end Corey Wootton; and many others. 

Minnesota has eight selections this year. They have the eighth pick in all seven rounds, and the last pick in the third round as part of the Percy Harvin deal of last year with Seattle. 

Some fans point to quarterback. Their disgust with Christian Ponder manifested into a love of Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, or Teddy Bridgewater. Originally, it was believed that none would be available with the 8th selection. Now it is believed that anywhere from one to all three could still be available when Minnesota selects.

Bortles played for Central Florida which was also home to Daunte Culpepper. He was 22-5 there and took his team to a BCS Championship game, quite an accomplishment for a small school. Bortles looks good throwing out of the pocket, and was an accomplished runner of the football. At 6'5, 232 lbs., Bortles ran a 4.93 in the 40 yard workout, and was measured as a 9 3/8 inch hand.

Manziel is a high risk-reward choice. He is fast. He ran a 4.68 and his hands are 1/2 inch bigger than Bortles. Manziel is small for a quarterback at 6'0, 207 lbs. And he comes with baggage. Questions around character and dependability. But not about talent. A Heisman talent since his freshman year, Manziel was 25-9 as a starter, and had over 5,000 total yards in a single season. He will electrify.

Bridgewater's stock has plummeted from his original status as the number one pick in the draft. At 6'2, 214 lbs, he is bigger than Manziel but smaller than Bortles. His hands are 9 1/4 inches. He did not record a 40 yard run. He was 27-8 in his college career, and showed heart playing through injuries at times. 

Other fans lean toward picking a defensive player with the 8th selection. Linebacker appears to be the biggest need, but cornerback, free safety, or even a defensive tackle would meet approval of most fans concerned about a defense that ranked 32nd in scoring defense. A few possibilities include...

Two cornerbacks who catch the eye in the first round are Justin Gilbert of Oklahoma State and Darqueze Denard of Michigan State.

Gilbert ran a 4.37, 20 reps in the bench press (good for CBs), and is only twenty-one years old. At 6'0, 202 lbs, he is decent-sized. He did miss games with a sports hernia. 

Denard is 5'11, 199 lbs. He was timed at 4.51 and had 15 reps. He was chosen to receive the Jim Thorpe Award, given to the best defensive back in college.

Almost everyone agrees outside linebacker Khalil Mack of Buffalo will be the first, before Minnesota selects. Mack ran a 4.65, had 23 reps, and has a 40 inch vertical. All that at 6'3, 251 lbs. 

Most mock drafts have outside linebacker Anthony Barr of UCLA available, and quite a few have the Vikings taking Barr. At 6'5, 255 lbs, Barr is a specimen. He ran a 4.66, with 15 reps, and a 34.5 inch vertical. He converted from running back to linebacker his junior year. In 2013 he had 13.5 sacks. 

Ryan Shozier of Ohio State is also a potential first round outside linebacker .He has run under a 4.40 , 25 reps, and a 42 inch vertical. He is only 6'1, 237 lbs, but he led the Big Ten in tackles. 

If Minnesota decides to improve at middle linebacker first, few would complain. With the departure of Erin Henderson, it is an even more glaring hole than in the beginning of the 2013 season. 

C.J. Moseley of Alabama is clearly the cream of the inside-linebacker crop. A majority of projections have him available further down the first round. If the Vikings felt like gambling, they could trade down with a quarterback hungry team. Or they may be forced take him there.

The defensive secondary improved in the off-season with the addition of Munnerlyn, and recent draftees Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes. But what is still missing is free safety.

Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix of Alabama goes by the name 'Ha-Ha'. He ran a 4.58, 11 reps, and a 33 inch vertical. Those numbers do not impress. But his tackling and ability to intercept passes will. And playing for the Crimson Tide he has gone against quality teams. 

The 2014 NFL Draft appears to be more uncertain than many. The Vikings could take any one of six or seven players and meet need while claiming to take the 'best player available'. And what do I think we should do in the first round?


Trade the pick to the Dallas Cowboys for six draft choices and five players.



Villaume: Vikings Say Good Riddance to Dome

Posted by: Louis Villaume Updated: December 31, 2013 - 1:21 PM

There are mixed feelings about saying goodbye to the Metrodome. We will transition to our new football stadium via two seasons at TCF Bank. Outdoor Vikings' football returns to Minnesota.

I was one who loved Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. The parking area surrounding the stadium meant the best tailgating possible. The winter elements were on our side. No more joyous feeling can a Vikings' fan have than watching the 49ers or Rams players try and keep warm with heaters on the sideline while your team went without.

Men against boys.

When the Metrodome replaced the Met in 1982 things changed. Suddenly the Twins had assembled a team that could win on a turf field with a big baggy for a wall. Blowing air helped carry some homers out while keeping others in. Balls lost in the white-topped roof. Ground balls bouncing high into the air.

A baseball heaven.

Among the greatest Metrodome moments, many are baseball ones. Eight World Series games,two Game Sevens in 1987 and 1991, the latter a 10-inning 1-0 Jack Morris shutout (which I attended). Clinching in 1987. All-Star games. Quite a few 3,000th hits. And maybe my most favorite moment of all: the impromptu pep rally for the 1987 team after getting to the World Series via Detroit.

Baseball enjoyed the Dome. Football not so much.

The Vikings were easily one of the best teams in the decade of the 1970s. The went to three Super Bowls in four years (1973-76). When the second half of any season began, the Met became a frozen tundra. Fans took pride in going to the game, facing the elements, and empowering the team with iron will (and a few tail-gated beers). The defense, led by the Purple People Eaters, actually ate teams. The faces on the offensive players of fair-weathered opponents as they had to return to the zero degree, minus fifteen wind-chilled field, to face our defense, were priceless. 

'Goodbye heaters', they would sigh as they jogged onto the field.

When Minnesota moved to the Dome in 1982 Minnesota football changed. Roaring motorcycles, blasted music, little plastic chairs stuck together, and a big Teflon bag hiding the outdoor elements. Football became a concert for corporate Minnesota. Our wintry advantage gone. 

We were told it had to be this way. Mike Lynn, snubbed for ownership, finagled a deal that benefited Lynn more than the fans. Something like Lynn got fifty cents on every beer. Suites were named Lynn1, Lynn2 and so on...sic.

The Metropolitans Sports Facilities Commission was behind it all. Governor Wendell Anderson had decried that we would lose both football and baseball if a new stadium was not built. And frankly, as wonderful as the Met was, it was built for a minor league baseball team. A commission of regular Minnesotans from across the state. Local businessman Harvey Mackay pushed all the right buttons. 

So we built the Metrodome.

In thirty-two years the Minnesota Vikings have a 168-92 overall record. Their play-off record 6-4. Sound pretty good. Minnesota assembled a few powerful offenses, most notably in the Randy Moss era. Moss was easily the most exciting Viking to enter the Dome. The Brett Favre led Vikings of 2009 were also impressive. So too the 1987 team, that overcame an 0-3 replacement start to make the playoffs in a strike-shortened year.

In the 1998-99 season, Minnesota hosted the NFC Championship. Anyone over twenty will remember what happened. Gary Anderson, perfect on the season, missed a 38-yard chip shot to lock up the game. The Vikings lost in overtime to the Falcons. A 15-1 season for naught. Criticism of Coach Denny Green's handling of time was the beginning of the end of "the Sheriff", despite his success that has not been repeated since. A home playoff loss that rivaled the "Hail Mary" loss to the Cowboys in the 1970s.

The most memorable game in Dome history for the Vikings...

A heartbreaking loss.

Fifteen years later we say goodbye. For the next two seasons, Vikings' players will brave the elements. A new coach will stand on the sidelines in zero degrees. Fans will huddle near each other to stay warm. Opposing teams will huddle around heaters on the sidelines again.

And we will remember why we liked outdoor stadiums.

Villaume: Eyeing that draft pick (again)

Posted by: Louis Villaume under Vikings, Lions, NFL draft, Super Bowl, Leslie Frazier, Adrian Peterson, Antoine Winfield, Chad Greenway, Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Leslie Frazier, Percy Harvin, Phil Loadholt Updated: December 23, 2013 - 2:42 PM

A humbling loss Sunday, in a humiliating season, did little to help Minnesota's 2014 NFL Draft selection.

No, the chances are Minnesota will draft 8th no matter if they win or lose next Sunday vs. the sinking Detroit Lions. Given that the 49ers will win tonight hosting the Atlanta Falcons, there will be five teams 1/2 game "ahead" in the standings. Minnesota at 4-10-1 won one too many. Atlanta, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Cleveland are all 4-11 and are facing playoff contending teams. Each of these teams cunningly lost in Week 16. There are a few teams at 6-9, but thankfully the Vikings are safe from them.

Houston and Washington are going to finish ahead as well.

So barring an NFL miracle, Minnesota's position will not be changed whether they win or lose.

After Sunday's 42-14 loss to the Bengals, fans simply do not have enough fingers to point at the problems. From the owner, to the management, to coaching, and players, there is blame to be had. Hopefully, 2014 can see a rebound from the abyss that is the 2013 season.

The 2012 playoff visit a mere memory. And maybe one of the most fortunate records in Minnesota sports history, because apparently this team lacks a lot of talent we thought was there.

Everyone is aware of the quarterback issue. Hopefully, Week Sixteen enlightened enough to realize that we need a new quarterback. That does not mean we have to take Johnny Manziel with the eight pick. It does mean we should be looking over time for a franchise quarterback.

We need to look at the possibility of trading Adrian Peterson. He is incredible. Our Kevin Garnett of football. But like KG it may be time to set him free. He has paid his dues. We still love him. Many of us simply want him to experience a Super Bowl, and that may not occur here for the rest of his career. Others of us want to sell a commodity that keeps us from getting good draft picks.

The offensive line is struggling. From my couch view I saw Phil Loadholt and Matt Kalil fail more than they succeeded. Christian Ponder's demise was in part due to the lack of protection from these two. Kalil, a Pro Bowler his rookie season, looked slower. Loadholt even slower. The guards were worse Charlie Johnson and Brandon Fusco seemed to disappear often. Johnson, an older veteran, has to be nearing the end. 

Offensive line must be addressed.

Running backs are a strength, but backup Toby Gerhart should take the Free Agent train to anywhere. Minnesota may need to replace him with an heir apparent to AP. Wide receivers are probably a need, but the poor protection and passing this season left a few receivers without chances to showcase. Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson will be back. The rest a mystery.

Defensively, Minnesota will need to replace Jared Allen. And while he is a beloved Viking, his gotta-sack mentality seemed to negatively impact the run defense. And Kevin Williams is getting older, soon to be retired. There seems to be some depth with Everson Griffen, Letroy Guoin and others. Still, Minnesota could use Sharrif Floyd to step up next year. He contributed little in 2013.

The linebackers are a definite sore spot. Minnesota drafted two Penn Staters last year in the latter part of the Draft, both ended up contributing only on special teams. Chad Greenway could not keep up with the faster running backs, and seemed to be less definitive about tackling in 2013. The rest of the LBs are worse. Fans like Audie Cole, but realistically, Minnesota could pick up three free agents who would not do much worse.

As bad as the linebackers appear, the defensive secondary might have been worse. High draft selections Chris Cook and Josh Robinson are not getting it done. Robinson has become a word synonymous with Swiss cheese. Cook is often hurt, a PR cancer, and not dependable on the field despite talent. Only S Harrison Smith and CB Xavier Rhodes appear talented enough to start for any other NFL team.

We must find more DBs.

As for coaching, nice guy Leslie Frazier appears to have the confidence of the team and the owner. But not many fans. Like Ron Gardenhire, this coach appears to have a free pass on success or not. If Minnesota is as bad as many now fear, maybe Frazier should have been coach of the year in 2012. 

Rick Spielman, coming off of serious accolades for his shrewdness in handling Percy Harvin and the 2013 Draft, appears vulnerable. Christian Ponder's lack of success his albatross. Letting Antoine WInfield escape, Josh Robinson stay, and assembling the worst defense in Vikings' history.. telltale. Probably not enough to lose his job. But maybe lose some fans.

And the owner. 

Ziggy WIlf won a new stadium. They won community support, not to mention a lot of future dollars. He puts out a product that is poor for the third time in the last four years. Despite bad press, law suits, and a sluggish economy, Wilf got everything he wanted.

We call that entrepreneurship.

So with nothing to play for, a dismal near future ahead, and a new stadium only a couple of years away, this game vs. Detroit is one for the players. We will see if our beloved Vikings want to beat up the Lions in Week 17. They will be deflated. Their fans more angry than even us.

Should be a good one.


Villaume: Playoff spoiler in the cards?

Posted by: Louis Villaume Updated: December 21, 2013 - 8:58 PM

Anyone old enough to drive remembers. 

The 2003 Minnesota Vikings drove us crazy. The accumulated 6,294 yards of offense that season, an average of nearly 400 yards a game. Despite the most moronic of NFL Drafts (remember, the too busy trying to trade to make their first pick?), Minnesota came away with rookie Kevin Williams, a defensive tackle who had 10 1/2 sacks his rookie year.  Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss could not be stopped. Minnesota started 6-0 that season.

Then they lost four straight. They lost seven of their last ten games and missed the playoffs.They lost four times to teams that finished 4-12. 

Despite the horrid finish Minnesota stood on the brink of the playoffs with seconds left, the Cardinals in a 4th and 25 situation. And then Nate Poole caught the ball in the end zone, and was ruled in despite Antoine Winfield keeping one of his feet from touching by knocking him out of bounds.

Then the referees could rule that players would have been in-bounds had they not been pushed out.

I remember I was in Orlando with family and friends, watching the game with a room full of Packers fans, all of whom were mostly quiet until that final play. After the play, they erupted in an in-your-face display worthy of champions. I had zero fun the rest of the trip. No more laughing at Dumbo, Goofy, Minnie.. No more enjoyment at the Tower of Terror. No cotton candy.

Later, in reflection, I wondered why Arizona did not just lay down? Why was it so important to win when you are 3-12? They obviously needed draft picks very badly. Seriously, all they had was a worn-down Emmett Smith and rookie Anquan Boldin. Their quarterback was Josh McCown.

Now I know.

Ten years later it feels good to play spoiler. The last two weeks have been fun. The tie with Green Bay was anti-climatic, but it brings me joy to see them 1/2 game out of the division lead so late. Defeating, or exposing the Eagles last Sunday was fun. Our rag-tag group put a whipping on a team looking ahead to the post-season. 

Next up: the Cincinnati Bengals. On deck: the Detroit Lions.

Both teams are eyeing the playoffs, though Detroit is on the outside looking in. The Bengals hold a one-game lead in the AFC Central, and will face the team chasing them, the Baltimore Ravens, the following week. This game is very important to them.

Which is why playing spoiler is so fun. Our Vikings can go crush the hopes of millions of fans.Young fans. Old fans. People in bars full of their rival fans. People on game threads. Some will cry if Minnesota wins.That is why playing spoiler is fun. 

Minnesota has started to play consistent on offense with Matt Cassel at the helm. It appears Coach Frazier and a handful of fans (including me) were wrong about who should be the starter at quarterback. Cassel has been very good. So good in fact that maybe others are starting to realize we do not have to have a top three pick and choose a quarterback. Maybe Matt Cassel can be the starter for years to come? Maybe we can take our time, choosing many QBs, until we find one we like.

The defense had their best game in some time, and despite surrendering a lot of points again, looked strong at times. Stopped the Eagles and got off the field.

Meanwhile,Teddy Bridgewater, a shoe-in first pick QB a few weeks ago, has dropped significantly in mock drafts and rumors are he may stay in school now. Underclassmen hurlers are fleeing the draft faster than rats on a sinking ship. Maybe it is time to resolve ourselves to the old "best player available" model? Maybe let go of thinking about drafts and focus on beating a playoff contender.

And want to win.

Because right now we can...

Villaume: Vikings looking for silver lining

Posted by: Louis Villaume under Quarterbacks, Vikings, Lions, NFC, Leslie Frazier, Adrian Peterson, Leslie Frazier Updated: December 14, 2013 - 3:46 PM

It's easy to hate the Eagles. Their fans most-famous for throwing snowballs at Santa Claus. The team that houses PETA most-despised Michael Vick. They play in the media-bloated NFC East. Philadelphia knocked Minnesota out of the playoffs in 2004 and 2008, the latter a home loss.

And then came the movie Silver Linings Playbook.

It was a tremendous sports movie that in part focused on the die-hard fan. Suddenly I had a new-found respect for Philly fans. They care about their team and take their wins and losses to heart. As a die-hard Vikings fan I identified with superstitions, unwavering support, and anger toward others with less investment. 

The Vikings are a community family.

At 3-9-1, one has to have unconditional love in order to support the 2013 Vikings. The defense is still on path to give up the most points per game in our fifty plus year history. The quarterback carousel has included many dismal performances by Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel. Coach Leslie Frazier keeps telling us that the team is getting better. And the 2-3-1 record in the last six games supports that compared to the overall record.

And now Adrian Peterson is injured.

Most fans are focused on our present draft position. It is fourth. However, there are five teams a mere half-game behind, at 4-9. Tampa Bay and Oakland, two of the five, have schedules that suggest they will not win again in 2013. Of the teams presently ahead of Minnesota in draft position, two (Atlanta,Washington) play each other this week. So a win by Minnesota could move the 2014 pick from a third overall selection to at least sixth or worse.

Cheer for a loss?

The reason the movie Silver Linings Playbook resonated with so many is that it rightly showed how loyalty is prized. In our anxiety-based, stressed-filled, crazy lives that we endure football has become an emotional outlet for millions. It is why we tolerate owners and players making millions while we work year round in jobs that pay much less. We fork over hundreds of dollars to attend games where you get a hot dog and beer for the cost of a family meal.

They are us.

I have no doubt the players and coaches want to win. It appears Minnesota has played hard despite all the losses.

We care too. We cheer for Audie Cole to have a chance to prove himself. We are excited with every touch by Cordarrelle Patterson. We want Adrian Peterson to run to a NFL rushing title, overcome another injury, and prove he is the best running back in football.

And so many of us want our team to win on Sunday.

It will be difficult.

The league's leading rusher is an Eagle: LeSean McCoy. He has 1,744 combined yards in thirteen games. Nick Foles, drafted 88th in 2011, has 20 TD passes to one interception. His passer rating is 120.0. Comparatively, Christian Ponder has a 77.9 rating and Matt Cassel has a 84.9. The Philly offense is ninth in scoring, third in total yards, and first overall in rushing. They have won five straight by outscoring opponents 158 to 90. 

They are on fire.

But we die-hard fans look for victory. We know CB Xavier Rhodes is doubtful, CB Chris Cook questionable, and the Eagles run a spread offense featuring DeSean Jackson, who has 65 catches for over 1,000 yards. Despite the prime position present in the 2014 Draft, we loyalists want a win. We rationalize that management probably would misfire on a franchise quarterback anyway (the track record on hurlers being what it is). Top underclassmen quarterbacks are opting to stay in school. We have already lost the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes.

We are looking to win.

As crazy as that appears.


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