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Mille Lacs Opener 2009

In the days building up to opener I feel as if I am starting all over again, hoping I am not forgetting anything and trying to remember how it all works!  I am really thinking that this is going to be a great opener for all of us anglers on Lake Mille Lacs. 

Look for the North sand to be a hot bite, the best bet is to use a long snell tipped with a leech.  However during the day if the wind has picked up you can try moving to shallow rock piles from 6-12 feet, remember some of these fish are difficult to graph in shallow waters so this will be a trial and error, trust me you'll know if they're there.

Remember opening weekend is a great opportunity to take advantage of the late night bite!  If you do not know Lake Mille Lacs that well than you may be unaware that there is a night ban that takes effect Monday May 11th at 10pm.  If you have a tough time during the day or just haven't had enough try to get up on a shallow rock pile at night, this is where the Walleye's like to feed.

See you on the water!

Preparing For First Tournament

The cold, rainy and misrable conditions sure didn't seem to keep the hundreds of anglers away opening morning.  In the north sand everyone seemed to be hooking into fish.  Many anglers had to work a little bit harder to pick up their keepers due to the slot restrictions.  6 to 8 foot snells with a hook and a small bead tipped with a leech appeared to be the ticket as the bite didn't seem to be that aggressive, perhaps due to the front that moved in on Friday.  Saturday night the bite seemed to improve with the Walleyes becoming more aggressive on the shallow rocks and wind blown points.  We are looking forward to the bite improving if we get some stable weather throughout the week.

This weekend is our first MTT tournament for the 2009 season, the tournament is held out of Hunter's Point Resort on Lake Mille Lacs.  We will be prefishing Thursday and Friday and trying some more aggressive approaches than tactics used for opener.   We will be moving at quicker speeds to cover more ground searching for aggressive slot fish.  These higher speeds, in the right conditions, tend to create more of a reaction bite.  These 2 days of prefishing will determine our game plan for Saturday morning.

Going into the first tournament we find ourselves extremely excited and nervous with anticipation and it reminds us of how much this is the best time of year!