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Women's Fly Fishing Panel at the Tom Helgeson's Great Waters Expo this Saturday

Tom Helgeson, who passed away last fall, was great in promoting women in the sport of fly fishing.

Every year at the Expo, Tom had encouraged the club to participate in a program and acquire a booth.  The club's presence was a great way to promote the club and sign up new members.  This year with Tom's family continuing the Great Waters Expo and the overwhelming participation of the fly fishing community, the club is excited to present a panel discussion on:

Fly Fishing from a Woman's Viewpoint

The panel consists of: 

Wendy Williamson, fishing guide

 Kathy Scott, author 

Donna Smith, certified casting instructor

Colleen Trayser, Simms rep

Cathy Sero, Reeling and Healing president.


The panel discussion will be held on Saturday at 2:30-4:00 pm in the Conference Suite 1.




Did you know there is a women's fly fishing club in Minnesota?

Did you see the Oprah show on Yosemite National Park?  Oprah and Gayle go fly fishing in Yosemite.  How about some exposure for the women's fly fishing club in Minnesota.  As their mission statement - To promote personal enrichment for women through fly fishing education, experiences and concern for the environment, Fly Fishing Women of Minnesota is very active in helping women learn, mentor, and improve their fly fishing skills.  They participate in promoting conservation through fly fishing activities as well community involvement in teaching women how to fly fish.  Their website: list their events for the 2011 and information about their club and how to join. 

These women have a passion for the outdoors and get together with others who enjoy this sport. They have developed friendships and increased their knowledge as they meet and enjoy fly fishing in the rivers and lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

A winter fly fishing trip is planned in March in southeast Minnesota.  Will have to get the scoop on how they did!