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St. Croix River proves ready for excited anglers.

Today on the St. Croix River I went out with a buddy of mine to explore new contours and possible locations for Walleye spots anticipating the up and coming season.
We also wanted to do a little fishing for Jumbo Perch. The day started out a little rough, winds out of the north at 12 mph. Which can be a little choppy.  I have a great Perch location on the river and with time and patience they will be there. Water temperatures sitting at 52.4 degrees, I think the water is warming nicely and this Walleye season should start out with a bang. We decided to anchor because of the chop in the water and the fishing was on with lots of different species.  Many Perch but on the smaller side of what I normally see.  The Perch usually run between 10 to 12 inches and today they ran from 6 to 10 inch. We didn't find the Jumbos, but 9 to 10 inch fish make some nice eaters, my buddy kept a few for his dinner.
The fishing kept us busy in 18 ft of water and we went on to catch a lot of White Bass, Bluegill's, 2 Sheephead, 2 Red Horse Suckers, a Walleye which was released back in the water and of course Perch.  It was a fun day out and here are the Pictures of the Perch my buddy caught and kept.

Have a great fishing day !!!

"Juice" Playing Hooky MN

St. Croix River fishing report: Bite's on for walleye!

You couldn't ask for more of a beautiful day!  I had 4 hours out on the water with air temperatures of 70 degrees. Water temps that ranged from 55 to 57 degrees and wind's out of the east at 5 mph.  The Walleye were biting in 18 to 20 feet of water and really active. All the fish caught today were biting night crawler's with a Lindy Rig's with a slow presentation. Jig&Minnow with a hard drop and lift hold was also working. Among the many Walleye that were caught there were also White Bass and Jumbo Perch.
I released about two dozen Walleye that didn't make the 15" minimum all being 14 to 14.5 inch fish which had to be returned back to the water for another day.  I love going out and having a busy fishing day, you just can't beat the fun. Really good to see so many smaller Walleye's that means the population is really growing and the future of Walleye fishing in the river will be there to enjoy by everyone. The St. Croix is a hidden gem of a fishery and produce's some good eating fish with some really nice trophies mixed in.

Have a great fishing day !!!

Juice at  Playinghookymn