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Prescott, Wis.

2010 Trout Stamp Winner

 Effort pays off! 

After numerous entries into the Minnesota DNR’s Trout Stamp Contest, 2010 would be the year for the good doctor. Richard “Doc” Goodkind won the hearts and eyes of the judges as they selected his brook trout from 29 other entries to the contest. Goodkind’s oil painting displays the vibrant blue, red and orange hues associated with Minnesota’s only native trout, the Brook Trout. The Brookie, feeding on mayflies within the confines of a beaver pond, depicts a scene often run across by anglers fishing the cold water resources of Minnesota. Goodkind is an avid fly angler and was thrilled with his selection. 

She swam off with $50 on her back

I never knew until I downloaded the images..... The yellow, external, T-bar tag that was attached to the dorsal fin of my trout was quite obvious on the pictures . I had never seen it during the hooking, jumping, chasing, netting and photographing part of the fevered battle I had with her last week on Minnesota's North Shore. As I looked at my computer, I couldn't believe it. I learned later that the yellow tag meant that this fish was reared at the French River hatchery and could possibly have an additional archival tag surgically implanted under her skin. These archival tags, implanted in a study in 2006, record important data by measuring time, water temperature and depth. The information stored on these tags is valuable to the DNR as they study the activities of these fish in Lake Superior and the rivers they return to for spawning. The tags are clearly marked with the words "REWARD" on them and the DNR kindly asks anglers to bring these rainbows to the hatchery for the removal of the tag. The reward is $50. Truth be told, not all tagged Kamloops carry an internal archival tag on their journey and my experience with fin clips and tagged fish on the North Shore has just begun. I will pay closer attention in the future. It sure would have been nice though, to cover the cost of my visit to the Fitgers Brewhouse in Duluth by catching the lucky fish!