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Spring Dry Fly Fishing In Montana

 It's a great time to be in the west. We've had heavy doses of sunshine and warm weather, resulting in some good fishing. The Skwala Stoneflies have just started to pop in the last week or so, and being able to thrown size 10 dries in March is a blessing. After not seeing many bugs all winter, the trout key in on these stones big time, and have provided some violent takes on the surface.

Cutthroat on a Skwala Dry

Cutthroat on a Skwala Dry


So next time your thinking about a fly fishing trip out west, don't forget spring....It can make for some of the best fishing of the year.


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Winter Fishing In Montana

 It's been a pretty mild winter here in Western Montana, making the trout more than willing to provide some good action during what most call "the off season". Ever since I got back to Missoula for winter semester, days in the 40's have been common, and being on the water during them has been a treat. I've taken a bunch of photos lately with my new camera, so heres a few. For more, check out