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April 22, 2013

TwinsCentric Prospectus: Early Dividends

A look at how Seth's Top 30 Twins Prospects have started their seasons.
Your Voices
July 19, 2012

Trade Target Team Profile: St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals Might Be Limited To Liriano Since They Play In NL Central
Your Voices
March 19, 2011

On More Clap (for Zach and the Jackets)

Perham beat Thief River Falls tonight 55-44 to advance to the school's first boys basketball tournament. That's just part of the story.
Your Voices
February 21, 2011

Twins Travel

Ft. Myers is the place to be right now, but where else should Twins fans try to get to if they can?
Your Voices
February 1, 2011

Tweet Tweet

At Twins Fest this year, Twitter was a big theme.
Your Voices
January 26, 2011

One Clap for Zach

17-year-old Perham basketball player Zach Gabbard suffered a heart attack on the court last week.
Your Voices
January 21, 2011
One (33-below) night (and snowy morning) in Warroad

One (33-below) night (and snowy morning) in Warroad

It hit 40-below outside of town, but by midmorning, it had gotten up to 13-below (warm enough to snow)
Your Voices
November 30, 2010

A Look Back: Prospect Lists

A look back at Seth's Top 20 Twins Prospect lists from the past half-dozen years.
Your Voices
November 15, 2010

More about Seth Stohs

Your Voices
November 15, 2010

Tough guy mentality

How tough do the Vikings and Twins players have to be? How about their fans?
Your Voices
August 4, 2010

Looking Ahead: 40 Man Roster Options

A look at what players the Twins need to consider adding to the 40 man roster or risk losing in the Rule 5 draft in December.
Your Voices
June 14, 2010

Organizational Review - Twins Pitchers

The Twins have been fortunate and only needed six starting pitchers this spring. The bullpen has had some ups and some downs this season, and the loss of Joe Nathan certainly hurt. Are there any pitchers in the Twins minor leagues who can help now, or down the road?
Your Voices
April 27, 2010

Twins Minor League Notebook

A look at some stories and some names to know from the Minnesota Twins minor league system.
Your Voices
March 16, 2010

Backup plan?

With Jose Morales likely out to start the season, who will be Joe Mauer's backup?
Your Voices
March 1, 2010

Building the Core

The Twins have spent some money on free agents this offseason, but the core of the team remains players developed by the team.
Your Voices
February 12, 2010

Celebrating Nick Punto Day!

Nick Punto has been a controversial and polarizing figure in the Twins organization since arriving in 2004. What are your thoughts?
Your Voices
February 4, 2010

Twins Get A for Their Offseason

It has been an exciting offseason for the Twins and their fans. With spring training just weeks away, take another look at what the team has accomplished this offseason!
Your Voices
January 25, 2010

Who Hurts More? Fans or Players?

This is a game of missed opportunities, and this is a game that will hurt for awhile. It is a game we will never forget. But let's just put our anger and frustration in the proper perspective.
Your Voices
January 21, 2010

Twins Status (and This Week's Vikings Prediction!)

The Twins offseason continues to role on, but let's be honest, things are starting to get exciting. The Twins Winter Caravan's first week is nearly complete. Two more groups will head out next week to places far and wide to talk Twins baseball.
Your Voices
January 15, 2010

Twins Notes - Vikings Prediction

It's cold outside, football weather, but the Metrodome will be hopping at least two of the next three weekends. Next week also begins the Twins Winter Caravan.
Your Voices
November 16, 2009

What Would You Do? Twins 40 Man Roster Decisions

The Twins front office will soon have to determine their 40 man roster. Who would you add?
Your Voices
October 25, 2009

One Man's Twins Offseason Blueprint

Seth Stohs presents his blueprint of recommendations for the Twins offseason. It includes nine recommendations for your consideration.
Your Voices
October 4, 2009

What If?

Baseball is a great game for second guessers and responding to the moment. The Twins have responded to a lot of moments in the last three weeks.
Your Voices
September 28, 2009


It is going to be a good week to be a sports fan in Minnesota!
Your Voices
September 15, 2009

Time to Mourn? NEAU!!!!

With the news that All Star and former MVP Justin Morneau is out for the rest of the season, Twins fans everywhere want to know if it's the final nail for the 2009 season.