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November 1, 2010

Not in MY Town.

After seeing a story about the Heroin use in Minneapolis, as a parent, I freaked out.
Your Voices
September 24, 2010

Keep Energy Saving out of MY House.

Last night the last light bulb factory in the US shut its doors, 200 American workers lost their jobs, thanks to our own Government requiring ALL lightbulbs made in US be CFL's by I did some research.
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September 11, 2010

Flag Etiquette

As I was walking around 9/11/10, I saw many people didn't have their flags at half mast, and many flags were torn, worn out, etc.
Your Voices
August 26, 2010

Creating Traditions (and Memories) for Back to School

Back to School can be exciting, stressful, and sometimes hard. Making fun traditions and memories can take away some of those stresses.
Your Voices
August 11, 2010

School Supply Sticker Shock.

As a mother of 4 children, 3 of which are school age, I see a lot of things as a parent when it comes to educating my children...
Your Voices
July 30, 2010

Your Voices by Definition

Being a Your Voices blogger is something you can do too. If you have strong opinions you feel you want to voice, I encourage you to apply.
Your Voices
July 27, 2010

A Fish Tale Like No Other.

Stella's Fish Cafe is not new to Minneapolis, but it was new to me and many involved in our event there.
July 20, 2010

Healthy Living the Raw and Local Way

Eating healthy doesn't mean 'diet'. Include your family, include your friends and listen to your mom or your grandma and 'eat your fruits and veggies'.
Your Voices
June 20, 2010
Good Ole Fashioned Family Fun!

Good Ole Fashioned Family Fun!

After spending the day canoeing down Minnehaha Creek, thought I would share the experience.
Your Voices
June 9, 2010

Filling in those summer voids

Often in the summer I am stumped about what to do with my 4 children every single day!
Your Voices
May 15, 2010

Community Gardens

Working in a community garden is both fun and rewarding for everyone.
Your Voices
May 1, 2010

I am boycotting St. Paul, are you?

I have joined the movement, I usually don't do these things but, I am joining the movement to boycott St. Paul.
Your Voices
April 27, 2010

A Loss of Creativity?

People are often calmed and more focused on drugs however, are they losing their creative side?
Your Voices
April 12, 2010

Making a soldier feel more at 'home'.

My daughter's Kindergarten class adopted a soldier for the rest of the school year.
Your Voices
March 31, 2010

Summer Camps

As we head into spring, all of a sudden it is time to sign up for summer camps for our children.
March 16, 2010

Are we cheating our children by not teaching them life skills in school?

Long gone are the years of cooking, baking, sewing and wood-working in our schools but, I think it is time those skills come back.
Your Voices
March 8, 2010

Cutting through the BS

What is truth, what is fiction? Can we believe all we read in the papers and see on the news?
Your Voices
February 10, 2010

How do you educate different children?

As I struggle with not only parenting 4 very different children, I struggle with 3 of my children in 3 different schools and can only wonder what will come of it all when the 4th starts school.
Your Voices
February 9, 2010
Family time or School time?

Family time or School time?

Every year we seem to fight our children's schools to take our annual family vacation. So, what do we do? For go family time until it is more convienent (and expensive) or continue to buck the system?
Your Voices
January 22, 2010

It is a choice to stay at home.

This is a blog on the choice you have to stay at home with your children. It is a sacrifice sometimes but, the rewards are well worth it. This is also an answer blog to some of my critics of previous blogs.
January 11, 2010

The balancing act of grocery shopping

As a mom with 4 children with food issues, balancing the grocery list and bills is quite the chore but, worth the end results.
Your Voices
December 29, 2009

My story is not just about one day - it's the entire decade

My story is not just about a day, it is about an entire decade that started with one date, October 15, 2000.
December 17, 2009

Why The Negativity?

Let us lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. Try to be a positive voice in life instead of the negative voice.
Your Voices
December 10, 2009

Fighting for education in a world of budget cuts

After reading an article about the top schools in the country I felt compelled to write about our local schools and how we can make them better for our students too.
Your Voices
December 1, 2009

Health Care Reform?

How can we fix the health care system? How can we save our failing hospitals and lower our health care costs? I don't have the answers but, I know something is wrong.