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Terrorism, How should America respond now?


In the aftermath of the tragic terrorist attack in Boston, it is encouraging to note the reexamination of US immigration policy to limit the numbers of potential terrorists who may legally enter our country with less background investigation than is appropriate and necessary.

In addition we must be sensitive to the feelings of the general American Muslim community, who are blameless for this recent terrorist action and other terrorist actions.  Worldwide Islamic terrorism does reflect on the Muslim community here; and hellish Islamic terrorist actions have taken place on American soil. Yet, we must remember that the vast majority of Muslims in this country are not terrorists nor terrorist sympathizers, and should be respected as blameless, honorable, hardworking, peaceful US citizens.

We should avoid labeling those that “share .. religious, ethnic … characteristics as dangerous and/or evil, but rather seek to bring to justice the perpetrators of these [violent acts] and those who would seek to harm us, and through government policy institute laws to protect all of our citizens… …we should teach our children in our homes to be peaceable to others through our words and our actions."- Alan Fine, U of M, April 2013

CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad condemned the attack. The Muslim American Public Affairs Council, a statewide inter-faith group based in Raleigh, also issued a statement Friday. The group “strongly condemns terror, all sorts of violence and the barbaric attack and the killing of innocent marathon runners, civilians and our brave law enforcement personnel in Boston and everywhere. “MAPAC and its members pray for the victims and stand in support of their families and of the law enforcement organizations in Boston and in USA.”



Love from Israel to Iran

Israeli graphic designer  Ronny Edry has created a peace movement through poster art and facebook.

One night, Edry concluded that the escalation of tensions between Israel and Iran, the threat of war, has gone too far. So he decided to send a personal message to the Iranian people. His message being: "We (Israel) Love You."

His message has morphed into an international global protest for "peace" between Iran, Israel and others.

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