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Want someone else to shovel your snow Friday? Get options here

Your back went out. Your snow blower's caput. You're going to be out of town when the snowstorm hits the Twin Cities area Friday with 4 to 12 inches.. 

Whatever the reason that you'd rather not deal with snow on your driveway and sidewalks on Friday, here are some options.

Apps: Eden App or Plowz & Mowz. Each is a national app with service in the Twin Cities area. Register your address and your credit card and as soon as you request service via your app, an independent contractor in your area will clear the snow on your driveway for about $40 for the average 2-car driveway. Eden will also do sidewalks and steps for another $20. Plowz may or may not be able to do sidewalks, depending on the contractor, but the customer can request it. You can also request service via their websites, but not via a phone call. The response time varies by the number of contractors working in the area.. No pre-booking is


Senior Linkage Line: 1-800-333-2433

Hennepin County: Senior Community Services (952-746-4046)

Dakota County: Dakota Area Resources and Transportation (651-455-1560)

Anoka County: Anoka County Community Action Program (763-783-4767)

Churches, temples, mosques: Ask about volunteer groups that may be of assistance. 

Craigslist: Under "services" search for "snow removal"

Neighborhood teens

What goes better with warm weather than free Jonnypops? Today only

JonnyPops wants to share a random act of kindness with Twin Cities residents. It is giving away up to 10,000 free pops at its headquarters in St. Louis Park (3600 Alabama Ave. S.) until about 11 a.m. Friday (Feb. 17).

Co-founder Erik Brust said, The winter months could be tough times for a frozen treat company like JonnyPops, but we’re forecasted to triple in size in 2017. This is extremely exciting, so we’re using National Random Acts of Kindness Day to give away pops and say thank you to all the people who have helped make JonnyPops a Minnesota favorite. With each passing day, we discover that our mission of spreading kindness becomes more important, and that drives us to make a positive impact in big and small ways.

Normally, JonnyPops winter biz is 70 percent of its summer biz, but the company has been working with schools around the country to make its business less seasonal. The product is sold locally in Cub, Lunds & Byerlys, Target and Costco. 

JonnyPops originated when a small group of friends who were students at St. Olaf in Northfield, Minn. began making the treat as a relief during finals. For a more complete story, go here