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Italian fast-casual chain Piada is first announced tenant of MOA expansion



At long last, the identity of at least one of the new tenants to fill the Mall of America's expansion has been revealed. And that tenant is....Piada Italian Street Food, a growing fast-casual eatery that is hoping to be the next Chipotle of Italian food.

The 1,200 square-foot restaurant, the Ohio-based concept's first location in Minnesota, will be part of the "Culinary on North", the mall's food court on the third floor of the expansion that will be a mix of new and old fast-casual and sit-down restaurants. It is expected to open in November in time for the holiday shopping crush.

The mall plans to open the third floor of its expansion along the north side of the mall later this month. But aside from Piada, it hasn't yet announced any retailers to fill the 163,000 square feet of new retail space. The first and second floors of the addition are slated to open in November.

“We’ve been looking for some time to identify just the right location to bring Piada to Minneapolis, and Mall of America is that ideal choice for us,” Chris Doody, Piada's founder, said in a statement.

The chain is also planning to open a spot in Chanhassen next year and is also reportedly looking at Maple Grove. A company spokesman said the firm is pursuing "several other sites" around the Twin Cities in 2016.

Piada, which opened its first restaurant in 2010, now has a little more than 20 locations in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. It has said it plans to open 15 new locations next year and has targeted Minneapolis and Houston as two of its growth markets.

It sells made-to-order wraps, salads and soups.

Pay less than $100 RT from MSP to 13 cities on Spirit Air. Ends 7/30.

Spirit Airlines' $100 sale means flying nonstop from MSP to 13 cities for $24 to $50 each way. I've listed the cities below and the valid dates. There is a catch: You have to join its Fare Club for $60, which will automatically renew for $70 after a year. Details here.

Keep in mind that Spirit is the airline that charges for everything, including bags placed in the overhead, snacks and boarding passes. Read Spirit 101 to find out about the fees. 

If you book one of these cheap fares today, save $12 if use the code 12OFFPK (all caps, no spaces) in the promotion code box. Another way to save is to buy your ticket at the airport (MSP Terminal 1--Spirit moved out of Terminal 2 at the beginning of the year). You will save $17.99 per leg in utility fees during the sale or at any other time you purchase Spirit tix at the airport. I have not personally tried this myself, but the PR person confirmed it.

I recommend taking earlier flights on Spirit when possible. Its on time performance has been dismal in the past. Your chances of getting out on time are better on any airline if you take the first or second flight of the day. Take the last flight of the day and you're playing the odds. You can check your flight's on time performance at www.flightstats.com. An average on-time performance is 80%. If you see numbers around 50% or less, you'd better be a patient person not traveling with small children. 

Here's are the sale fares, which end at midnight on Thurs., July 30:

Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN To:


Dates Valid

 Baltimore, MD / Washington DC AREA

 $49.99* one-way

8/25, 8/26, 8/29, 9/9, 9/18, 9/24, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/30, 10/31, 11/4

 Chicago, IL - O'Hare

 $23.10* one-way

8/8, 8/26, 9/2, 9/10, 9/12, 9/29, 10/3, 10/7, 10/21, 11/5, 11/12, 11/14

 Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX (DFW)

 $23.10* one-way

8/31, 9/8, 9/9, 9/23, 9/25, 10/7, 10/19, 10/21, 10/27, 10/31, 11/3, 11/4

 Denver, CO

 $49.99* one-way

8/25, 8/26, 9/1, 9/5, 9/8, 9/21, 9/26, 10/10, 10/19, 10/24, 10/26, 11/7

 Detroit, MI

 $49.99* one-way

8/19, 9/1, 9/15, 9/16, 9/19, 9/22, 10/3, 10/20, 10/24, 10/31, 11/3, 11/10

 Fort Lauderdale, FL / Miami, FL AREA

 $23.10* one-way

11/15, 11/16, 11/18

 Fort Myers, FL

 $49.99* one-way

11/15, 11/16, 11/18

 Houston, TX - Intercontinental

 $49.99* one-way

8/5, 8/20, 8/24, 8/27, 9/5, 9/17, 9/21, 9/25, 10/13, 10/20, 11/1, 11/7

 Las Vegas, NV

 $49.99* one-way

9/6, 9/7, 9/8, 9/13, 9/26, 9/27, 9/28, 10/4, 10/20, 11/7, 11/14, 11/18

 Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

 $49.99* one-way

9/2, 9/4, 9/7, 9/11, 9/23, 10/5, 10/20, 10/30, 11/5, 11/7, 11/8, 11/18

 Orlando, FL

 $49.99* one-way

11/17, 11/18

 Phoenix, AZ - Sky Harbor

 $49.99* one-way

11/14, 11/15, 11/18

 Tampa, FL

 $49.99* one-way

11/14, 11/15, 11/18