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Stephen Wilbers teaches seminars in effective business writing. His column appears online every other Monday.

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Wilbers: Reading and writing in the era of handheld devices

Aolukhhg FCC JPEG hbnmhghgfyjpMy first text message from my 13-month-old granddaughter!“What does it mean?” my wife asks.Obviously, it means our...

Updated: May 04, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Compounds come in three varieties: solid, hyphenated and spaced

When you follow[-]up with a follow[-]up letter, which follow up takes the hyphen?To answer that question, let’s talk about compounds....

Updated: April 20, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Repeating yourself can be an effective stylistic device

If Patrick Henry had said, “I’d give anything for liberty, even my life,” we wouldn’t be quoting him today.Instead, he...

Updated: April 16, 2014, - 10:27 AM

Wilbers: Until such time as you eliminate wordiness, you'll lose your reader

Why do some writers become wordy when they refer to time? Are they trying to make themselves sound more important?...

Updated: March 23, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Use antimetabole and chiasmus to make your sentences memorable

Let’s talk about schemes. Not schemes of the nefarious sort, but schemes of word order.There are various types, including schemes...

Updated: March 09, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Use strong action verbs to drive home your point

The verb is the engine that drives the sentence.In “The tracks made a line in the snow,” the engine lacks...

Updated: February 23, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Use two natural stress points in your sentences for emphasis

Beginnings and endings count more than middles.Consider this sentence: “I have never felt more frustrated.” The intensity of that statement...

Updated: February 09, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Maintain parallel structure for consistency, clarity and emphasis

Normally I don’t leave snowy Minnesota in the heart of Nordic ski racing season, but this year I made an...

Updated: January 26, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: A good manager is someone who cares and communicates

What is your definition of a good manager?When I ask participants in my writing seminars that question, I often hear...

Updated: January 12, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Send a goodwill message to make someone happy this year

There’s a lot of stress going around these days. Plenty to be unhappy about.Just take a look at your inbox,...

Updated: December 29, 2013, - 02:00 PM

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