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Stephen Wilbers teaches seminars in effective business writing. His column appears online every other Monday.

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Why positive statements will serve you better

I enjoy hearing from you, my readers, but often when you write with your comments and questions you fail to proofread your text. I'm surprised by your carelessness.

Updated: May 15, 2011, - 02:27 PM

Craft your letters as if they will be your career legacy

"One of the promises I've made to myself in my new assignment," the memo began, "is to improve the promotability of each interested individual in my suboperation."

Updated: May 01, 2011, - 05:12 PM

Stephen Wilbers: Learn to recognize 5 types of wordiness

When Henry David Thoreau wrote about living in a cabin by Walden Pond, he titled his first chapter "Economy." He wanted to explain the economy of reducing life to its bare essentials, of living simply so that he might live richly.

Updated: April 17, 2011, - 03:03 PM

Learning English can be daunting

Why don't all those people moving to this country learn how to speak English? I mean, if they're going to live here, they ought to learn our language, right?

Updated: March 28, 2011, - 12:13 AM

Stephen Wilbers: Position your words for maximum effect

Word arrangement is a powerful technique of composition, yet few writers are taught its importance.

Updated: March 13, 2011, - 01:30 PM

Stephen Wilbers: Charge yourself $5 for every word you write

There's a hidden art to writing.

Updated: February 28, 2011, - 04:07 PM

Stephen Wilbers: Think first, then write to overcome writer's block

I don't have writer's block; I have deadlines.

Updated: February 09, 2011, - 03:55 PM

Keep reader's perspective in mind

"Happy holidays," my daughter's professor wrote to her over break. "Here are your assignments for next term."

Updated: January 02, 2011, - 02:45 PM

A Strunk and White's principle is key both to a writer's style and to this puzzle

For this year's holiday puzzle, I'd like to take you back to Principle 17.

Updated: December 26, 2010, - 05:34 PM

Better writing takes time, not just quick fixes

I have a tough job. Imagine trying to help people improve their writing in a half-day seminar. How do you have an impact in so little time?

Updated: December 05, 2010, - 07:49 PM

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