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Columnist | Effective Writing
Stephen Wilbers teaches seminars in effective business writing. His column appears online every other Monday.

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Wilbers: To plagiarize is to present another person's work as your own

Some of the queries about advertising on my website are circumspect in describing their “educational product.” Others are unapologetic:“I’m a...

Updated: September 21, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Avoid 'Weird Al' Yankovic's 29 errors featured in 'Word Crimes'

Why would anyone watch a music video that begins, “Everybodyshutup,” and concludes by telling people who make 29 common language...

Updated: September 07, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Three nifty keyboard tricks for mastering your computer

Isn’t it amazing the way your computer saves and wastes your time, liberates and controls you, entertains and annoys you?...

Updated: August 24, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: To use, or not to use: Apostrophes in names of organizations

Ah, summer. Don’t you love it?The other day, while sitting with a big frosty glass of lemonade in the shade...

Updated: August 03, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: How to help younger writers write as well as you do

“Aren’t they awful? Aren’t they terrible? Young people just aren’t being taught to write.”Almost without exception, that’s the first thing...

Updated: July 20, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Even Eliza Doolittle gets tripped up by the rules of English grammar

If you say “He don’t know nothin’ ” in an interview for a white-collar job, you won’t get the job. And...

Updated: July 08, 2014, - 02:58 PM

Wilbers: A few rules to minding your singulars and plurals

Singular is singular, and plural is plural, and never the twain shall meet, as Rudyard Kipling would no doubt agree....

Updated: June 22, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Like all managers, baseball coaches need to know how to communicate

What do good management and good writing have in common?Whether managing a travel baseball team for the Woodbury Athletic Association...

Updated: June 08, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Technology works best when paired with an educated human mind

In response to my column about how handheld devices are affecting the reading and writing habits of young people, Donna...

Updated: May 18, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Wilbers: Reading and writing in the era of handheld devices

Aolukhhg FCC JPEG hbnmhghgfyjpMy first text message from my 13-month-old granddaughter!“What does it mean?” my wife asks.Obviously, it means our...

Updated: May 04, 2014, - 02:00 PM

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