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Sound Advice: Pioneer, Marantz receivers sound fine

Q: You recently recommended two soundbar models from GoldenEar Technology and Definitive Technology. I assume the speakers need an amplifier...

Updated: April 26, 2013, - 12:07 PM

Sound Advice: TV recording isn't what it used to be

Q: I have been following your columns on home TV recording. Can’t you get a hard drive/DVD recorder at Wal-Mart...

Updated: April 19, 2013, - 12:51 PM

Sound Advice: Despite rumor, Panasonic continues to make plasma TVs

Q: Panasonic has said it is going to stop manufacturing plasma TVs. What do you recommend instead?A: This is just...

Updated: April 12, 2013, - 11:51 AM

Sound advice: Tower speakers vs. soundbar

Q: I have a 25- by 20-foot room and need a sound system for TV and movie watching. I am...

Updated: April 05, 2013, - 02:28 PM

Sound Advice: More on the limitations of home TV recording

Q: I have an early Sony HD-ready HDTV with HD component (red/green/blue) HD inputs and no HDMI. Unfortunately, the FCC’s...

Updated: April 01, 2013, - 07:33 AM

Sound advice: How to set the white balance on a digital SLR camera

Q: I have been photographing my daughter’s gymnastics tournaments with my new digital SLR. The tournaments are held indoors under...

Updated: March 22, 2013, - 11:56 AM

Sound advice: Few recording options beyond DVRs

Q: I quit most Comcast services a few years ago when they went mostly digital because I couldn’t use my...

Updated: March 15, 2013, - 01:41 PM

Sound Advice: Blu-ray 'lossless' audio and SLR eye strain

Q: I have an Onkyo TX- SR502 receiver and want to get the lossless audio from my Blu-ray player. Do...

Updated: March 08, 2013, - 02:06 PM

Sound Advice: No need to get rid of those old Advent speakers

Q: I have a set of old Advent stereo speakers. Would they be of use in my home theater system...

Updated: March 01, 2013, - 01:49 PM

Sound Advice: Older Olympus camera is quite a deal

Q: I have a point-and-shoot camera that is several years old. I planned to buy a newer model to get...

Updated: February 22, 2013, - 01:03 PM

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