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Sound Advice: High-quality lens can improve performance of entry-level camera

Q: I have a base-level digital SLR camera (a 10.1-megapixel Canon XTi) that’s about five to six years old. Are...

Updated: February 14, 2014, - 01:26 PM

Sound Advice: Speaker upgrade is easiest way to give old audio system a boost

Q: My audio system is old but still puts out good sound. (At least, it sounds good to me.) I’m...

Updated: February 07, 2014, - 12:01 PM

Sound Advice: Pentax cameras are ideal for nonprofessional photo enthusiasts

I love Pentax and have used it for years. I love the picture quality and the great lenses, and the sensor-based Shake Reduction means every lens you use is stabilized.

Updated: January 31, 2014, - 03:07 PM

Sound Advice: Blu-ray sound can be overwhelming

Q: Why is the sound on Blu-ray discs not uniform? I’m playing them through my Samsung Blu-ray player and an...

Updated: January 24, 2014, - 01:20 PM

Sound Advice: $5,000 buys a lot of toddler-proof audio

Q: I’m interested in having good speakers in a family room that will soon need to be toddler-friendly.The room is...

Updated: January 17, 2014, - 01:02 PM

Sound Advice: Cable viewers dislike new encryption

Q: In what regions does Comcast have encryption and charge basic cable customers for HD channels?A: I don’t know the...

Updated: January 10, 2014, - 02:08 PM

Sound Advice: Cable TV encryption creates a stir

Q: What’s up with the Comcast cable encryption you have written about? Wasn’t cable always encrypted?A: Not all cable channels...

Updated: January 03, 2014, - 01:35 PM

Sound Advice: Need a good universal remote?

Q: What do you recommend for an all-in-one remote control? I have seven remotes. They’re driving me crazy.A: I’m a...

Updated: December 27, 2013, - 01:29 PM

Sound Advice: 1970s speakers can still be repaired

Q: I enjoyed your recent column on vintage audio equipment. I have a pair of ESS AMT 1C speakers with...

Updated: December 20, 2013, - 02:03 PM

Sound Advice: Electronic gift ideas for under $100

Looking for an electronics-related gift for the holidays? Here are picks from the best products of 2013, as well as...

Updated: December 13, 2013, - 01:29 PM

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