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Liz Reyer's Corner column, which advises executives, managers and workers on making positive changes, appears Mondays in the Star Tribune's Business Insider section.

Recent content from Liz Reyer

Coach's corner: How to deal with 'goes with his gut' boss

Q: I prefer being proactive with project planning and processes, and I now work for someone who is very reactive...

Updated: July 28, 2013, - 02:00 PM

Coaches Corner: Unintentional irritation

Q: I seem to be upsetting my co-workers, and it’s completely unintentional. They think that I’m unfriendly and that I...

Updated: July 21, 2013, - 02:00 PM

Coach's corner: Manager regrets rash decisions

Q: I tend to make decisions quickly — too quickly, and then regret them. I think it’s causing some problems...

Updated: July 07, 2013, - 02:00 PM

Reyer: Balancing the needs of strong teams and weak ones

Q: I oversee two teams; one is high-performing, and the other has some serious challenges. I have to spend most...

Updated: June 30, 2013, - 01:17 PM

Coach's Corner: Lack of opportunity calls for frank self-assessment

Q: I feel confident in my skills and accomplishments, but do not seem to inspire confidence in others. I’ve tried...

Updated: June 23, 2013, - 02:00 PM

Coach's corner: Changing your communication style

Q: I’m a pretty shy and quiet person, and as such prefer to deal with people at work via e-mail...

Updated: June 16, 2013, - 02:00 PM

Reyer: Overwhelmed in a new job? Give yourself a break

Q: I recently started a new job and I feel very overwhelmed. I was much more comfortable in my old...

Updated: June 09, 2013, - 01:31 PM

Coach's corner: Maintaining a strong team after manager's departure

Q: A manager on my team has moved on to a different company. We have a very cohesive group; what...

Updated: May 31, 2013, - 05:49 PM

Coach's Corner: Managing a rival at work

Q: I’m taking a new position, and one of my team had applied for my job. How do I establish...

Updated: May 24, 2013, - 07:08 PM

Coach's corner: How to work with micromanaging boss

Q: My new boss is a micromanager. I know what I’m doing, but he wants to hear about every detail...

Updated: May 17, 2013, - 05:45 PM

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