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Phone: 651-398-4765
Liz Reyer's Corner column, which advises executives, managers and workers on making positive changes, appears Mondays in the Star Tribune's Business Insider section.

Recent content from Liz Reyer

Coach's Corner: When your job isn't challenging enough

Q: I’m really underutilized at work. Not only is the work too easy, I also don’t have enough to do....

Updated: December 21, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Coach's corner: Finding a balance when collaborating on a project

Q: I lead a project that is supposed to be a collaboration of equals to share resources. However, my peer...

Updated: December 14, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Coach's corner: Finding answers when you're passed over for promotion

Q. I’m pretty angry with my company because I keep getting passed over for promotions and new opportunities; I’ve been...

Updated: December 07, 2014, - 07:20 PM

Reyer: Keys to leading change and winning over holdouts

Q: I work on a team that is responsible for helping identify and implement process changes in our company’s operations...

Updated: November 30, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Reyer: Succeeding in a less structured work environment

Q: I’ve taken a job in a new department at my company, and it’s been a hard transition. I’m a...

Updated: November 23, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Reyer: How to improve interaction with co-workers

Q: It’s always been hard for me to engage with people and feel connected. I just don’t seem to know...

Updated: November 16, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Reyer: When moved down in hierarchy, look ahead

Q: I have a new boss who reports to my former boss, moving me down the corporate hierarchy. I’m feeling...

Updated: November 09, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Reyer: In office turf battles, look for shared ground

Q: One of my co-workers is territorial and has a hard time if I talk to our mutual clients without...

Updated: November 02, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Build consensus on goals for a group's success

Q: I’m heading a company task force to introduce some wellness programs. My concern is that people will pursue their...

Updated: October 19, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Coach's corner: Establishing credibility with others

Q: I was recently promoted and am now the youngest vice president in my company. Some people seem to think...

Updated: October 12, 2014, - 02:00 PM

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