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Liz Reyer's Corner column, which advises executives, managers and workers on making positive changes, appears Mondays in the Star Tribune's Business Insider section.

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Strategies for focusing amid competing demands

Q I don't believe in multi-tasking, but I have to switch gears so often that it feels like that's what I'm doing. Because of the nature of my work, that's not going to change. I'm finding that it's getting harder and harder to focus; what strategies can I use to lock in my mind when I need to?

Updated: December 16, 2012, - 04:09 PM


Updated: December 16, 2012, - 04:05 PM

Reyer: Getting more comfortable at the negotiating table

QPart of my job is to do some financial negotiations with clients, and I'm struggling with it. I don't feel comfortable, and don't feel like I'm getting the best outcomes. What can I do?

Updated: December 09, 2012, - 07:42 PM


Updated: December 09, 2012, - 04:50 PM

Company layoffs take toll on workers who remain

Q Things seemed to be going pretty well at work, and then we had a few layoffs. It's really shaken me up, and I'm trying to settle down again.  What do you suggest?

Updated: December 02, 2012, - 03:59 PM

Reyer: Make plan to help workers build professionalism

Q I'd like to help some of the newer employees in my company develop their general professionalism. They have good technical skills, but could use some polish. What would you suggest?

Updated: November 18, 2012, - 07:00 PM

Reyer: Getting temper under control will bring benefits

Q I've realized that I lose my temper at work once in a while, and people seem to be nervous around me. I don't want to have that effect on people; what can I do?

Updated: November 25, 2012, - 05:46 PM


Updated: November 18, 2012, - 03:37 PM

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