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Chris Farrell is economics editor for American Public Media's weekly "Marketplace Money" show and author of "The New Frugality." He answers reader questions on most Sundays. Send questions to and put "Your Money" in the subject line.

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Farrell: Tapping 401(k) is unwise because of tax bite

Q: I recently took a new job with another company and now have a 401(k) at the old employer worth...

Updated: May 17, 2014, - 04:52 PM

Chris Farrell: Hunting for a CFP requires research and diligence

Q: My husband and I are 67 and both still working, but need assistance to start thinking about a retirement...

Updated: May 10, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Farrell: Financial literacy equals optimism

On Wednesday I participated in Minnesota Jump$tart’s annual event at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Minnesota Jump$tart is part...

Updated: May 03, 2014, - 04:20 PM

Farrell: These books can get you up to speed financially

Q: I have children in their 40s and 50s, and grandchildren in their 20s. What book or books about money...

Updated: April 19, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Farrell: New thinking on when to file for Social Security

Social Security is the foundation of America’s retirement system. One of the most important financial decisions about the elder years...

Updated: April 12, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Chris Farrell: Long-term care insurance is a difficult decision

Q: What is your position on long-term care insurance? I am a healthy 60-year-old woman. We have no debt and...

Updated: April 05, 2014, - 05:07 PM

Farrell: Diving deeper into the complexities of 529 plans

Q: The timing of last week’s article [“Lots of options for gifting to their granddaughter”] was very good and thank...

Updated: March 22, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Chris Farrell: Lots of options for gift to granddaughter

Q: We have been saving money on a monthly basis for our 4-year-old granddaughter’s education. The account pays a modest...

Updated: March 15, 2014, - 05:12 PM

Farrell: What are your options with a 'frozen' 401(k)?

Q: My 401(k) plan was terminated and assets frozen when the company was sold close to a year ago. What...

Updated: March 08, 2014, - 02:00 PM

Farrell: It college worth it? Yes, but be smart and curb borrowing

The drive from the Twin Cities to St. Peter on Wednesday was pretty miserable, cold and windy, the highway periodically...

Updated: March 01, 2014, - 02:00 PM

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