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Chris Farrell is economics editor for American Public Media's weekly "Marketplace Money" show and author of "The New Frugality." He answers reader questions on most Sundays. Send questions to and put "Your Money" in the subject line.

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Investor beware: Adviser fee plans have changed

Q Has the method of compensating financial planners changed? I started working with a planner about 12 years ago. They...

Updated: November 19, 2011, - 06:48 PM

Remember, money has memory

When it comes to thinking about money, it's a good idea to turn to Charles Dickens. The 19th-century novelist had a knack for bringing the mysteries of money alive. There's a wonderful moment in his novel "Dombey and Son'' when the boy asks his father, "Papa, what's money?"

Updated: November 14, 2011, - 08:41 AM

These two need to talk about money

A husband's unwillingness to engage with debt and money is a recipe for trouble.

Updated: November 05, 2011, - 10:14 PM

Buyer beware: ETFs can bite you

Is the stock market giving you a case of mental whiplash? The market rallies on hints that Europe's leaders will manage the massive Greek debt restructuring. But wait -- maybe European politicians lack the political will to cope with the Mediterranean sovereign debt crisis -- and stocks retreat.

Updated: October 22, 2011, - 11:44 AM

Don't lose heart, college grads: You will find a job

The Great Recession and Anemic Recovery have been hard on college graduates. They earned their diploma and a student loan repayment plan. Now they're scrambling for work, zapping off résumés and swapping job tales with friends. An office temp job here. An intriguing internship offer -- unpaid.

Updated: October 15, 2011, - 02:11 PM

Can you care too much about your credit score?

The other week I was in Hudson, Wis., to do some reporting on financial literacy. While talking with some managers from the WESTconsin Credit Union, one of them mentioned that customers are working hard at saving more. He added that it's noticeable how much they care about their credit scores.

Updated: October 08, 2011, - 03:33 PM

In turbulence, avoid extremes of hope, fear

The past decade offers a critical lesson on managing our money: Steer clear of the extremes of pessimism and optimism.

Updated: October 01, 2011, - 04:18 PM

Downgrade aside, U.S. bonds are safe

QI have a daughter in college and another three years away. Given the U.S. government's recent downgrade from Standard & Poor's, how safe are savings bonds? What is the type of return one can expect and how is the interest accrued?

Updated: September 17, 2011, - 02:07 PM

Things to consider in hiring, firing financial planner

Q For 16 years, my wife and I entrusted an independent financial adviser to manage our mutual fund portfolio, which...

Updated: September 10, 2011, - 10:23 PM

'Emergency' nest egg can be key part of a plan

Ah, the State Fair. A Pronto Pup, chocolate chip cookies, and the DNR's fish pond all sampled before heading to the Star Tribune booth Tuesday afternoon to talk personal finance.

Updated: September 03, 2011, - 10:03 PM

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