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Al Sicherman writes the Tidbits column for the Taste section. He is a retired columnist for the Star Tribune. In 1989 his son Joe died after taking LSD. The column Al wrote then: A father's plea: Be scared for your kids was widely reprinted. In 1999 Al wrote a new introduction to that column: Ten years after Joe's death, grief and a message endure.

Recent content from Al Sicherman

Tidbits: Recipe sauces and more on Greek yogurt

Recipe saucesFollowing Progresso’s Recipe Starters and Campbell’s Skillet Sauces, Kraft introduces a set of Recipe Makers, including Tex-Mex Chicken Fajita,...

Updated: July 10, 2013, - 12:55 PM

Tidbits: Greek yogurt

It’s Greek to youWe’ve already had Greek versions of all the regular yogurt products (including Activia, which is notably regular)....

Updated: July 03, 2013, - 01:01 PM

Tidbits: flavor infusers

Flavor InfusersIn the not-too-distant past, a marinade was something you mixed up yourself, often with family-secret ingredients, to flavor and...

Updated: June 26, 2013, - 02:39 PM

Tidbits: Sugar in all forms

How sweet it isMr. Tidbit must admit that, although he moves pretty rapidly to discuss the latest silly version of...

Updated: June 19, 2013, - 01:56 PM

Tidbits: Kellogg's Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory cereal

Unsatis FactoryMr. Tidbit generally avoids making comments about the tastiness of the food products he mentions. He talks about their...

Updated: May 29, 2013, - 01:38 PM

Tidbits: Flavored waters, cream cheese and pretzel bites

Whatwater?Do you remember Fruitwater from Glaceau? It was a line of still (noncarbonated) drinking water, barely sweetened with fructose, in...

Updated: May 22, 2013, - 12:42 PM

Tidbits: pizza rolls, V8 and more

From the pizzeriaThere already were nine flavors of Totino’s Pizza Rolls (perhaps, like Mr. Tidbit, you were surprised to notice...

Updated: May 15, 2013, - 12:41 PM

Tidbits: Hormel Compleats and Spam

The Compleat dinerEvery once in a while Mr. Tidbit discovers that a quiet little product he hasn’t looked at in...

Updated: May 08, 2013, - 02:19 PM

Tidbits: prune juice and ice cream

More waterIt has been a while since Mr. Tidbit shared his wisdom on the subject of “light” juices, so here’s...

Updated: May 01, 2013, - 01:39 PM

Tidbits: The download on Lunchables

Uploading LunchablesIt’s been quite a while since Mr. Tidbit visited the Lunchables department of the supermarket. That’s mostly because he...

Updated: April 24, 2013, - 02:26 PM

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