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Al Sicherman writes the Tidbits column for the Taste section. He is a retired columnist for the Star Tribune. In 1989 his son Joe died after taking LSD. The column Al wrote then: A father's plea: Be scared for your kids was widely reprinted. In 1999 Al wrote a new introduction to that column: Ten years after Joe's death, grief and a message endure.

Recent content from Al Sicherman

Tidbits: New, by Jingos!

Also: A little M&M mixer.

Updated: August 08, 2012, - 03:33 PM

Tidbits: V is for veggie

Also: Where's the beef?

Updated: August 01, 2012, - 02:29 PM

Tidbits: Be fruitful ...

Also: Have a crackerful.

Updated: July 25, 2012, - 04:06 PM

Tidbits: Oikos for two

Oikos for twoMr. Tidbit thought he had completed his exploration of the topic of pricey Greek yogurt with this simple...

Updated: July 18, 2012, - 03:33 PM

Tidbits: Less is more

Also: Peach Newtons?

Updated: July 11, 2012, - 04:46 PM

Tidbits: Pretzels at the bar

Also: Rolling in a new cookie and Nabisco hits the Paws button.

Updated: July 04, 2012, - 04:59 PM

Tidbits: Coulda had another V8

It was only last fall that Mr. Tidbit mentioned the debut of V8 V-Fusion Smoothies. (V-Fusion is V8's combination fruit and vegetable juice, in many flavors; V-Fusion Smoothies add a noticeable amount of fruit purée). On that occasion he had the dubious pleasure of noting that V8 -- once available only as V8 -- had grown to 35 versions.

Updated: June 27, 2012, - 04:08 PM

Tidbits: Say uncle, Ben

Also: Seasoned beams and stringing along the cheese.

Updated: June 20, 2012, - 03:05 PM

Tidbits: Melty slices

It's been about 11/2 years since Kraft introduced several varieties of its shredded cheeses blended "with a touch of Philadelphia"...

Updated: June 13, 2012, - 02:42 PM

Tidbits: PB and C

Also: More protein?

Updated: June 06, 2012, - 03:08 PM

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