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Al Sicherman writes the Tidbits column for the Taste section. He is a retired reporter for the Star Tribune. In 1989 his son Joe died after taking LSD. The column Al wrote then: A father's plea: Be scared for your kids was widely reprinted. In 1999 Al wrote a new introduction to that column: Ten years after Joe's death, grief and a message endure.

Recent content from Al Sicherman

Tidbits: Sriracha ketchup and Campbell's baked beans

Catching up on ketchupUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of the...

Updated: April 29, 2015, - 12:03 PM

Tidbits: Rice-A-Roni and Peeps

Faster Rice-A-RoniTo prepare Rice-A-Roni, you first fry the mixture of rice and bits of vermicelli in some butter or margarine...

Updated: April 22, 2015, - 12:07 PM

Tidbits: Shake 'N Bake and Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Some crumby newsMr. Tidbit hadn’t thought of it this way before, but our nation’s supermarket shoppers might be divided, theoretically,...

Updated: April 15, 2015, - 11:24 AM

Tidbits: Lean Cuisine, Nature Valley

Lean Cuisine routineEvery so often, the many Lean Cuisine offerings get reorganized and relabeled. The last time, about two years...

Updated: April 08, 2015, - 12:17 PM

Tidbits: Libby's and Lunchables

Mmm! Pouches!New from produce packer Libby’s are several vegetables in microwaveable stand-up pouches instead of cans (and, for that matter,...

Updated: April 01, 2015, - 01:33 PM

Tidbits: Honey Maid and Welch's

Bites of what?New from Honey Maid, Nabisco’s graham cracker brand, are Go Bites, little crackery pillows with chocolate or vanilla...

Updated: March 25, 2015, - 01:39 PM

Tidbits: New V8 varieties include Purple Power

V8 now comes in purpleMr. Tidbit likes to say there was a time — oh, not so long ago —...

Updated: March 18, 2015, - 01:49 PM

Tidbits: Goldfish and Oreos

Goldfish variationsNew from Pepperidge Farm are Goldfish Puffs, a puffy version of the little fish-shaped cracker. The bag describes the...

Updated: March 11, 2015, - 01:03 PM

Tidbits: Cranberries and Kellogg's Raisin Bran

Cranberries, tooThere’s a new version of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran: It contains sweetened dried cranberries as well as raisins. The box...

Updated: March 04, 2015, - 01:33 PM

Tidbits: Coca-Cola Life and Pepsi True

Another CokeMr. Tidbit had barely recovered from last week’s discovery of Coca-Cola in little wasp-waisted metal bottles when he came...

Updated: February 25, 2015, - 01:35 PM

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