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Nancy Rose is a horticulturist with the University of Minnesota Extension. To ask her a gardening question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in this column only

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Where do garden center flats originate?

QI bought a couple of varieties of coleus last spring. I really liked them in my patio planters, and...

Updated: March 20, 2002, - 10:00 PM

Gardening: Where do garden center flats originate?

QLast spring I bought a couple varieties of coleus. I really liked them in my patio planters and I thought...

Updated: March 13, 2002, - 10:00 PM

When is the best time to start seeds indoors

QWhat vegetable and flower seeds can I sow indoors and when should I start?ASome flowers and vegetables grow rapidly...

Updated: March 06, 2002, - 10:00 PM

The rabbit's bite gets gardeners uptight

Gardeners get upset at rabbit damage mostly in spring and summer -- when damage can include the...

Updated: February 27, 2002, - 10:00 PM

Gardening -- A reader wonders about lack of apples on her trees

QThere is very little fruit on neighborhood crab-apple trees that usually have fruit on them all winter. Has this happened...

Updated: February 13, 2002, - 10:00 PM

HomeZone: How to breathe life into a dead-of-winter garden

Dingy white. Gray. Beige. Is this the dull color palette that greets you when you gaze out on your yard...

Updated: February 06, 2002, - 10:00 PM

Gardening: Violets bloom on their own terms

QI repotted a nice African violet in July and it hasn't bloomed since then. What do I need to do...

Updated: January 30, 2002, - 10:00 PM

Genetics determine hydrangea's flower size

QI have some hydrangeas that are at least 40 years old. I have fertilized the plants but the flowers...

Updated: January 09, 2002, - 10:00 PM

A variety of plants will attract a variety of birds

QI would like to plant annuals that would attract a bigger variety of birds. Can you suggest some?AAnnual flowers...

Updated: December 12, 2001, - 10:00 PM

Keeping those critters away from your garden

QRabbits ate the leaves of many of my hostas this summer. Is there something I can put on...

Updated: November 28, 2001, - 10:00 PM

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