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Nancy Rose is a horticulturist with the University of Minnesota Extension. To ask her a gardening question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in this column only

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T is for tomato

A reader writes: What do the string of letters mean after tomato variety listings in seed catalogs? I thought I...

Updated: March 08, 2005, - 10:00 PM

Pruning timing isn't cut and dried

I need some advice about pruning a PeeGee hydrangea tree, an apple tree and lilacs. When should I prune them...

Updated: February 22, 2005, - 10:00 PM

Is it too late to mulch plants?

A reader writes: I'm concerned that the lack of snow cover this winter is going to be hard on my...

Updated: February 08, 2005, - 10:00 PM

Do as I say, not as I rue

I am a professional horticulturist. Once people find that out, they assume that I have a lush, bloom-filled, weed-free, immaculate...

Updated: December 28, 2004, - 10:00 PM

Should you let iris go to seed?

My iris developed seed pods. What should I do with them? My rhubarb also developed seeds earlier this spring and...

Updated: August 10, 2004, - 11:00 PM

PLANT PROFILE: Wild quinine

Parthenium integrifoliumPurple coneflower, butterflyweed and blazing star are some of the native perennials that have made the leap from our...

Updated: August 03, 2004, - 11:00 PM

Variegated plants may revert to show true colors

Variegated plants -- trees, shrubs, perennials, even ornamental grasses -- are attention grabbers in the garden. These often showy plants...

Updated: July 13, 2004, - 11:00 PM

Fruitless, flowering trees

Q Can you recommend a flowering tree with no fruit for a garden area?A There are several small trees that...

Updated: June 29, 2004, - 11:00 PM

Nancy Rose: Borers that can kill plants

Q I've had problems with vine borers damaging or killing my zucchini plants. What can I do to prevent the...

Updated: June 22, 2004, - 11:00 PM

Calla lilies need their moments in the sun

Q I can't seem to get calla lilies to bloom for more than one year. I dug and stored the...

Updated: May 25, 2004, - 11:00 PM

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