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Nancy Rose is a horticulturist with the University of Minnesota Extension. To ask her a gardening question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in this column only

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What makes a white pine turn yellow?

QThe large white pine in our yard tends to turn yellowish every winter. It has not turned as yellow...

Updated: December 23, 1998, - 10:00 PM

Trees can be removed at any time of year

QWhen is the best time to have a tree removed? I have a very large sugar maple that was...

Updated: December 09, 1998, - 10:00 PM

Growths on Christmas cactus may be roots

QI'm enclosing a piece from my Christmas cactus. Can you tell me what is causing the growth between the...

Updated: November 11, 1998, - 10:00 PM

There are some evergreens that will grow in shade

QWhat evergreen trees would grow in a woods with a lot of shade? I would like to plant cedars...

Updated: November 04, 1998, - 10:00 PM

Surviving winter

Answer the off-season gardening urge with indoor plants, flowersI have spent much of the past month preparing my yard for...

Updated: October 28, 1998, - 10:00 PM

Norway maple worth a try in sandy soil

QWe had beautiful sugar maples and a 'Crimson King' Norway maple at our old home. However, we have moved to...

Updated: October 07, 1998, - 11:00 PM

Shrubs in containers must be shielded from cold

QIn a fit of overenthusiasm we purchased a number of shrubs in containers in the spring. The area where...

Updated: September 23, 1998, - 11:00 PM

Here's how to grow trees from black walnuts

QI want to grow some black walnut trees from the nuts. Is it best to harvest the walnuts as...

Updated: September 09, 1998, - 11:00 PM

Ornamental kale can be eaten

QAre ornamental kales and cabbages edible?AOrnamental kale and ornamental cabbage are grown for their colorful foliage, usually in...

Updated: August 26, 1998, - 11:00 PM

Get a professional diagnosis on green ash ills

QWe planted a Marshall's seedless green ash tree in our yard about 10 years ago. It grew well until...

Updated: August 12, 1998, - 11:00 PM

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