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Nancy Rose is a horticulturist with the University of Minnesota Extension. To ask her a gardening question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in this column only

Recent content from Nancy Rose

Gardening: How to stop a chive blitzkrieg

QA bit of wild chives must have come in with a plant and now I have wild chives all...

Updated: September 20, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Steps to keep slugs out of the garden

Q I have many slugs in a garden area that is wet and shaded. I have added organic matter to...

Updated: August 30, 2000, - 11:00 PM

This nut answers up to either hazel or filbert

Q Are the hazelnuts I remember picking in northern Wisconsin as a kid the same thing as the expensive filberts...

Updated: August 23, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Help for heliopsis

QMy heliopsis has little red bugs all over the stems. What are these, and should I treat the...

Updated: August 09, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Late-blooming trees and shrubs

QI have a 'Sweet Sixteen' apple tree that is 10 years old and has never bloomed. Why?AOne important...

Updated: July 12, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Blueberries best when cross-pollinated

Q. Three hybrid blueberry bushes I planted several years ago have produced flowers, but no fruit. Why?A.You probably...

Updated: June 21, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Conditioning lilacs helps blooms last longer

QIs there a way to get cut lilacs to last longer? Are there some better shrubs for using...

Updated: June 07, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Pruning raspberry canes helps fruit production

QWhat is the proper care of raspberry plants in spring and fall? What should be done about new...

Updated: May 10, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Basics of a perennial garden

I want to plant perennials in a 4-by 9-foot raised flower box in front of my house. Can you suggest...

Updated: April 26, 2000, - 11:00 PM

Early spring is time to transplant deciduous shrubs

QLast year I planted two shrub lilacs from containers. I planted them too close to the garage. When should...

Updated: April 12, 2000, - 11:00 PM

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