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Mackay: We can learn a lot from the Easter Bunny

What’s not to love about a cheerful fellow who arrives with chocolate, heralding the arrival of spring after a long,...

Updated: March 22, 2013, - 05:06 PM

Mackay: We're all in the customer service business

When I went into business many years ago, I told people I owned an envelope company. I had business cards...

Updated: March 15, 2013, - 05:33 PM

McKay: Ben Affleck's Academy Award business lessons

Watching the Academy Awards is like the Super Bowl for me. I never miss them, and that’s not just because...

Updated: March 10, 2013, - 11:56 AM

Mackay: To learn about leadership, follow John Maxwell's lead

Follow the leader. It’s more than just a child’s game; it’s a fundamental skill in business.John Maxwell is one of...

Updated: March 01, 2013, - 05:32 PM

Mackay: Lessons they don't teach you in school

A few months ago I wrote a column about what they don’t teach you in school. From the positive responses...

Updated: February 24, 2013, - 11:08 AM

Embrace mistakes as opportunities to grow

I’ve often said the greatest mistake a person can make is to be afraid to make one.To be successful, you...

Updated: February 11, 2013, - 11:36 AM

What is your next marathon?

One of the best decisions I've ever made in both my business and personal lives was to start running. I remember this like it was yesterday.

Updated: February 03, 2013, - 03:28 PM

Mackay: Don't try to be a know-it-all; take advice from the masters

Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite authors, devoted 20 years of his life to studying what made people successful. His mentor, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, helped Hill by introducing him to some of the most successful people in business, including Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, George Eastman, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Clarence Darrow and many others.

Updated: January 27, 2013, - 06:36 PM

Mackay: A business practice with no negatives: Positive thinking

One of life's great annoyances is the tendency of folks to ask you to perform an impossible task, list the issues they foresee and the problems that have plagued previous attempts -- and then admonish you to "think positive."

Updated: January 20, 2013, - 06:47 PM

You be the judge: How to make wise decisions

I have felt all my life that good judgment is a critically important skill for any person to have, but especially so for those in leadership positions. Good judgment is such an important attribute that it is often listed first by employers as required qualities of job applicants.

Updated: January 13, 2013, - 03:16 PM

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