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Father-in-law's hoarding may signal problem

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for 16 years. His father, who is in his 90s, lives with us. This is admirable on my husband's part, and I generally don't mind.

Updated: June 16, 2008, - 05:03 PM

Ask Amy: Bullying boss claims to speak for owner

Dear Amy: I work at a small company. "Ted" is the owner. "Kelly" is our supervisor. Kelly is a liar and a bully. She makes our lives as miserable as possible. It is unclear whether Ted knows about the full extent of her attitude toward her staff.

Updated: May 27, 2008, - 10:19 AM

Ask Amy: Boyfriend wants to visit ex

Dear Amy: My boyfriend, "Dennis," has decided to go on a multi-city vacation alone while I'll be out of the country for work. One of the places he'll be stopping is a city where a woman he has been friends with for years lives.

Updated: May 19, 2008, - 05:06 PM

Ask Amy: Sibling 'weary' of making effort

Dear Amy: I have an older brother who has been married for 10 years. He has two kids and a third child on the way. I am single and 30 years old.

Updated: May 05, 2008, - 05:21 PM

Ask Amy: Landlord shouldn't be letting himself in

Dear Amy: My husband and I have a well-meaning landlord who frequently comes into our apartment to do little repairs without telling us.

Updated: April 25, 2008, - 12:51 PM

Ask Amy: Just sex isn't enough for her

Dear Amy: I am a college freshman, and I am in a "relationship" with my best friend. I am a virgin. We have known each other for six months, and I trust him more than I trust anyone.

Updated: March 17, 2008, - 05:49 PM

Ask Amy: Nudity needn't be deal breaker

Dear Amy: I am divorced with two daughters, ages 10 and 12.

Updated: March 03, 2008, - 04:58 PM

Ask Amy: Partner's public put-downs aren't funny

Dear Amy: My partner and I just returned home from a cocktail party. For the most part, the evening was relaxed and fun -- except for one thing. My partner seems to think that making fun of me in front of his friends is funny.

Updated: February 29, 2008, - 04:14 PM

Wife's obesity kills husband's libido

Dear Amy: My wife and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We are still in love, and I could...

Updated: October 29, 2007, - 02:43 PM

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