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Ask Amy: Sisters wonder how to confront abusive dad

Dear Amy: My childhood was rough. My mother died when I was 6. She wasn’t around much before that, but...

Updated: March 27, 2015, - 01:35 PM

Amy: Wife's grip on the purse strings is abusive

Dear Amy: The company I worked for offered an early retirement package. Since I am not old enough to draw...

Updated: March 25, 2015, - 02:06 PM

Ask Amy: College freshman tired of baby-sitting drunk roommate

Dear Amy: My freshman college daughter was not in a drinking crowd in high school. Her college roommate and her...

Updated: March 21, 2015, - 02:00 PM

Ask Amy: Mom wants to keep kids' wages minimum

Dear Amy: My twin 13-year-old daughters earn a few extra dollars baby-sitting neighborhood children.After my daughters completed the daylong Red...

Updated: March 20, 2015, - 01:26 PM

Ask Amy: Lawyer should charge by the billable whines

Dear Amy: I’m a 29-year-old attorney. My 60-year-old secretary is Eeyore. She is a very nice woman but is also...

Updated: March 18, 2015, - 01:19 PM

Ask Amy: Family looks in closet after mother's death

Dear Amy: Please settle a disagreement for me. Recently my mother passed away. She was in her 80s, and when...

Updated: March 14, 2015, - 02:00 PM

Amy: Donation for 'face time' results in uncharitable reaction

Dear Amy: In an attempt to beautify her neighborhood, a popular blogger asked her followers for money to repaint a...

Updated: March 13, 2015, - 02:31 PM

Ask Amy: Birth mother wants no part of 'After School Special'

Dear Amy: Periodically you run letters from adopted people searching for their birth families.I want to speak as a birth...

Updated: March 11, 2015, - 01:27 PM

Ask Amy: Smell of pot brings on PTSD

Dear Amy: I am in a predicament. I have a good new friend who is having a birthday party he...

Updated: March 09, 2015, - 04:37 PM

Ask Amy: Teacher fails in comparison to 'Mom'

Dear Amy: I am an inner-city high school teacher. The high poverty rate makes the job very challenging and stressful....

Updated: March 07, 2015, - 02:00 PM

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