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Matt Krumrie answers readers' questions about job-hunting the first Sunday of each month. Matt has 10 years of experience reporting on the employment industry.

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Ask Matt: Is age really an issue?

If you believe you're too old, then you are too old. Here's some advice on finding a job.

Updated: April 03, 2012, - 10:59 AM

How can I land a job back home in Minnesota?

Dear Matt: I'm from Minnesota, but have worked in Arizona for the past decade. Now I want to move back to the Twin Cities, but I'm having a hard time getting noticed by employers. Do employers frown on hiring out of state? How can I overcome the distance barrier and get an interview?

Updated: January 30, 2012, - 11:17 AM

What's better -- straight salary or commission?

Dear Matt: I'm looking at a career in sales and considering a job with a company that has offered me either a straight salary with some bonus potential or straight commission with a chance for higher reward, but higher risk. How do I know if straight salary or commission is the best option for me?

Updated: January 23, 2012, - 11:32 AM

I took a job I don't like and I want out! What can I do?

Dear Matt: I've been working at my new job for about five months but it's not a good fit and it's not going well. But I was unemployed for six months before this and I need the paycheck. The thing is, if I'm let go I may still qualify for unemployment benefits. Is it better to quit instead of being terminated? As I look for a new job, should I include this present employer on my resume?

Updated: November 07, 2011, - 11:07 AM

How can I sell myself as a virtual executive?

Dear Matt:Technology allows more and more executives to work from a remote location while still maintaining executive-level careers and fulfilling their duties. How can I prove to a potential employer that I can make an arrangement like this work? And how can I show them that I am the best talent for their team while working as a virtual executive?

Updated: October 31, 2011, - 02:05 PM

Why do I feel guilty about taking time off work?

Dear Matt: I feel guilty about taking time off of work. Even when I'm on vacation I'm thinking about my job and even checking my e-mails and voicemails. How can I really get away from work while on vacation?

Updated: October 24, 2011, - 10:23 AM

Does anyone really read my online resume?

Dear Matt: Do employers really look at applications submitted through their online system when they have job openings? I've applied for positions with companies online and they say they'll keep my resume; on file or in their database and will contact me if I meet their future needs. Does this ever happen?

Updated: October 17, 2011, - 09:41 AM

Career coaches can put you on the path to work

Dear Matt: I have been a stay-at-home mom for several years and appreciate all the advice on how to get back to work. I would like to get a list of career coaches, counselors or resume writers. Do you have one?

Updated: October 10, 2011, - 11:07 AM

Are my work colleagues friends -- or are they foe?

Dear Matt: A recent poll shows that over half would step in if a friend was under-performing at work and they could help. However, almost one in three would report their friend to the boss if their performance was detrimental to the team or if it helped them to get ahead. That being said, how can I trust my so-called work friends and people I have personal and professional relationships with in the workplace?

Updated: October 03, 2011, - 09:43 AM

Are those work-at-home job offers just scams?

Dear Matt: I'm tired of the corporate cubicle and the commuting. I'm looking at working from home, but aren't all those job offers just scams?

Updated: September 26, 2011, - 09:41 AM

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