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Matt Krumrie answers readers' questions about job-hunting the first Sunday of each month. Matt has 10 years of experience reporting on the employment industry.

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Ask Matt: How can I move on from a downsizing?

Dear Matt: Our company just went through a massive downsizing. I’m worried about my future and wondering, am I next?...

Updated: April 20, 2015, - 07:59 AM

Ask Matt: Can I do a contract job and still look?

Dear Matt: I’m considering a six-month temporary contract role, but with no guarantee I will be hired permanently, I want...

Updated: April 13, 2015, - 08:06 AM

Ask Matt: How can I find a legit work from home job?

Dear Matt: I would love to work from home but am having a hard time finding opportunities locally. Do you...

Updated: April 08, 2015, - 07:48 AM

Ask Matt: What are these happy hour hiring events?

Dear Matt: I’ve noticed a trend of companies hold hiring events at a local bar/restaurant, inviting job seekers to meet...

Updated: April 06, 2015, - 08:37 AM

Ask Matt: Got any advice for job seekers over age 55?

Dear Matt: I’m 56 years young and about to sell the business I have owned for eight years. I’d like...

Updated: March 23, 2015, - 09:08 AM

Ask Matt: How can I make it as a consultant?

Dear Matt: I’m tired of the grind of the Monday to Friday 9-to-5 job. I would really like to go...

Updated: March 16, 2015, - 10:32 AM

Ask Matt: I'm over 50, jobless and depressed. Help!

Dear Matt: I was part of a large corporate downsizing in 2013 and am still jobless. I’m over 50 and...

Updated: March 09, 2015, - 08:53 AM

Ask Matt: How should I network at a career fair?

Dear Matt: One of my goals for this year was to get out and network more instead of just sitting...

Updated: March 02, 2015, - 07:56 AM

Ask Matt: What is a candidate-driven job market?

Dear Matt: I’m hearing it’s a candidate driven market now. What does that mean, and how does it affect me?Matt...

Updated: February 23, 2015, - 09:27 AM

Ask Matt: How can I find work that fits my schedule?

Dear Matt: I’m making a career change and took a job outside my new field so I could get benefits....

Updated: February 16, 2015, - 01:42 PM

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