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Carolyn Hax is a 40-something repatriated New Englander with a liberal arts degree and a lot of opinions and that's about it, really, when you get right down to it. Oh, and the shoes. A lot of shoes. Her column, "Tell Me About It," appears Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Recent content from Carolyn Hax

Hax: Readers write about children witnessing pain

While I’m away, readers give the advice.On young children who witness pain:Because of chronic abdominal pain, I often sat, read,...

Updated: March 02, 2014, - 02:33 PM

Hax: Friend's insecurity getting tiresome

Carolyn: My best friend recently started dating someone, and it’s her first serious relationship (we’re both in our late 20s)....

Updated: February 27, 2014, - 02:03 PM

Hax: New parents are right to set boundaries

Dear Carolyn: My wife and I welcomed our first child in January. Before our daughter was born, my wife told...

Updated: February 25, 2014, - 02:07 PM

Hax: He is friends with ex despite bad behavior

Hi, Carolyn: Is it controlling of me to want, but not insist, that my boyfriend of one year cease contact...

Updated: February 23, 2014, - 02:22 PM

Hax: Truth may overcome an unfaithful past

Dear Carolyn: My girlfriend has told me about her unfaithful past. It has me worried quite a bit. She told...

Updated: February 20, 2014, - 02:03 PM

Hax: His lack of libido is only part of problem

Dear Carolyn: After three years with my boyfriend, it has become clear we have very different ideas of intimacy. When...

Updated: February 18, 2014, - 02:09 PM

Hax: New mom wants mother-in-law to back off

Hi there, Carolyn: I am desperate for help, and my mom isn’t cutting it. My mother-in-law (whom we see often)...

Updated: February 16, 2014, - 01:37 PM

Hax: Second thoughts need to be expressed

Hi, Carolyn: I’m 25 and engaged to the guy I’ve dated since I was 20. I feel like I’ve always...

Updated: February 13, 2014, - 02:07 PM

Hax: Troubled by friend's reactions to illness

Dear Carolyn: I am 23. About a year ago I was diagnosed with what turned out to be a non-life-threatening...

Updated: February 11, 2014, - 01:51 PM

Hax: Grandparents are anything but

Dear Carolyn: My parents show very little interest in my 6-month-old twins. My father has been a cold and distant...

Updated: February 09, 2014, - 01:47 PM

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