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Carolyn Hax is a 40-something repatriated New Englander with a liberal arts degree and a lot of opinions and that's about it, really, when you get right down to it. Oh, and the shoes. A lot of shoes. Her column, "Tell Me About It," appears Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Dwells on the negatives

Dear Carolyn: I'm a sophomore in college. I'm trying to break the pattern that I've been in since I started college, of settling into a comfort zone and never leaving to try anything or meet anyone new.

Updated: February 11, 2010, - 07:09 PM

Carolyn Hax: Kids' study habits test Mom's resolve

Dear Carolyn: I am a mother of two teenage girls, 16 and 13. They are both bright. Both of them,...

Updated: January 31, 2010, - 12:29 PM

Carolyn Hax: Reality messing with her long-held ideals

Dear Carolyn: I've always considered myself an independent person. I am a married, full-time working mother of two young children, so I've got my hands full, but I've always prided myself on striking a balance between work and family.

Updated: January 24, 2010, - 02:23 PM

Marriage is on her mind, but not his

What to do when she wants to get married and he doesn't see the need?

Updated: January 03, 2010, - 05:16 PM

Carolyn Hax: Be part of the 'village' for co-worker's baby

Dear Carolyn: My co-worker is in her mid-30s, has some health issues, isn't married, doesn't make much (we have the same kind of position, so I know), and is pregnant. She doesn't even care for her pets properly. But she wanted this baby so much -- her emphasis -- and wants everybody's good opinion on this. Not bad or different, just good.

Updated: December 06, 2009, - 05:13 PM

Carolyn Hax: Role of 'daddy' more important than title

Dear Carolyn: I share custody of my 3 1/2-year-old daughter with my ex-wife, who got remarried last year. Her new husband describes himself as a "nice guy," and is overtly hoping that somehow I fail as a father so he can be "daddy." The divorce was anything but amicable. While things have been relatively smooth for the past nine months, I still hear my daughter from time to time refer to him as "daddy." I reinforce she has only one daddy but this is really getting old.

Updated: November 15, 2009, - 07:54 PM

Carolyn Hax: Son tries to set Mom straight: He's not gay

While I'm away, readers give the advice.

Updated: September 06, 2009, - 01:57 PM

Carolyn Hax: Racist? She prefers dating white guys

Dear Carolyn: Some friends of mine had been talking up this guy they thought would be perfect for me, so I finally went on a blind date with him. It turns out he's black, and while I am not racist and have no problem with interracial dating in general, it's not for me. I just prefer to date white guys.

Updated: August 30, 2009, - 02:48 PM

Couple stressed out by house makeover

A home improvement project turns into a stress pit.

Updated: August 09, 2009, - 04:28 PM

His 'private life' is a warning sign

Dear Carolyn: I am 38 and about to finally tie the knot with someone. I am deeply in love with this guy, whom I have known for some time. However, he is currently involved in old relationships -- mostly old girlfriends from college. This part of him is very private and he does not allow me to enter. He says, "Everyone is entitled to a private life."

Updated: July 19, 2009, - 05:36 PM

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