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Carolyn Hax is a 40-something repatriated New Englander with a liberal arts degree and a lot of opinions and that's about it, really, when you get right down to it. Oh, and the shoes. A lot of shoes. Her column, "Tell Me About It," appears Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Recent content from Carolyn Hax

Hax: No-booze decision rankles husband

Dear Carolyn: I recently invited my family to our home for an afternoon open house. This is not something I...

Updated: January 27, 2015, - 02:00 PM

Hax: Mom wants to regift wedding rings

Dear Carolyn: My mother gave me her old wedding rings when I married my first husband. I wore them until...

Updated: January 22, 2015, - 01:11 PM

Hax: Wife is phoning in their relationship

Dear Carolyn: My wife of 20 years has become obsessed with her phone. She is constantly checking Facebook, texts and...

Updated: January 20, 2015, - 02:00 PM

Hax: Boyfriend is so not over his first love

Dear Carolyn: I’ve been dating this guy for several months. A couple of months ago he starts talking about his...

Updated: January 20, 2015, - 01:17 PM

Hax: Sister abandoned her, but why?

Dear Carolyn: I have a long story and I need outside input. I’ve gone to family, friends, etc. — no...

Updated: January 18, 2015, - 02:00 PM

Hax: Intimacy requires mutual satisfaction

Dear Carolyn: I am a 70-year-old dating a 71-year-old widower. He divorced his first wife for infidelity, and the second...

Updated: January 15, 2015, - 01:18 PM

Hax: Boyfriend's no-gluten diet bothers her

Dear Carolyn: I have been dating a smart, funny, interesting, handsome, caring man for eight months. I could see myself...

Updated: January 13, 2015, - 01:46 PM

Hax: Hubby says no baby, yes baby, no baby ...

Dear Carolyn: When my husband and I first started dating (seven years ago) he was upfront that he didn’t want...

Updated: January 11, 2015, - 02:00 PM

Hax: Back-stabbery can be parried

Dear Carolyn: How do you treat someone who talks about you behind your back? She does this with everyone. Cutting...

Updated: January 08, 2015, - 01:14 PM

Hax: Comments are hijacked at social gathering

Dear Carolyn: A group of people who once worked long days, weeks, months and even years on a political campaign...

Updated: January 06, 2015, - 01:07 PM

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