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Looking for an angry fix for Jeep's mysterious howl

QI own a rear-wheel-drive 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4-liter engine. I recently had both rear axle seals and bearings replaced. At the same time I had the mechanic check U-joints, shocks, etc. The noise from the failing bearings is gone, but now I have a loud "howl" that gets louder the more I accelerate. If I take my foot off the accelerator, the sound is gone. As soon as I accelerate, the sound returns. It is barely noticeable at speeds less than 35 mph, but the howl gets increasingly louder as the speed increases.

Updated: August 05, 2011, - 04:08 PM

Tire pressure monitoring: It's useful, not a conspiracy

A safety system might be frustrating, but it's mandated.

Updated: July 29, 2011, - 04:02 PM

An engine in a sticky situation: Dealing with a stuck spark plug

Q I recently took my '02 Chrysler minivan in for 100,000-mile service and was told that one of the spark plugs would not come out of the cylinder head. The shop tried, but it would only come out so far. Rather than force the plug out, they just screwed it back in place and replaced the other five spark plugs. The van is running fine but what happens if the old spark plug goes bad? Is it OK to do nothing, or should I pursue having it replaced?

Updated: July 22, 2011, - 03:51 PM

Overheated Durango breaking radiator caps

A 2002 Dodge Durango, with a 4.7-liter V8 engine, and lots of radiator caps.

Updated: July 15, 2011, - 03:35 PM

Old engine not losing oil? Count your blessings

QI am writing to you about my wife's 1987 Mazda RX-7 with 154,000 miles on it. The engine still runs perfectly, but I am concerned because it does not use any oil whatsoever between 3,000-mile oil changes. I am concerned that the "metering oil pump" is not working properly. This is the pump that lubricates the rotor apex seals.

Updated: July 01, 2011, - 05:56 PM

A-pawled by what happened to car in Park

His wife could not get the transmission shifted out of park on her 2008 Chevy Impala. Now they never park the car with the front end up. But why?

Updated: June 24, 2011, - 04:09 PM

Cavalier's flashing lights could be the alternator

My daughter asked me why all the lights -- headlights, tail lights and dash lights -- pulsate at about two pulses per second on her 1997 Cavalier. Sometimes it's very noticeable, other times not so much. About the only time they don't pulsate is when it's at a stop with the foot on the brake. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Updated: June 10, 2011, - 04:15 PM

Sorting out confusion on transmission flushes

This question asks: I've seen where you recommend a transmission flush every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, and your Alldata automotive database even shows this at 15,000 for some vehicles. How is that reconciled with what the owner's manual says?

Updated: June 03, 2011, - 04:07 PM

A recurring problem requires a bigger fix

The improved Quest will satisfy minivan fans who want maximum space and lots of cup holders.

Updated: May 27, 2011, - 04:04 PM

Service engine soon? Check the code first

Q I took my 2000 Cadillac DeVille in for an oil change, and at the time there was a notice on my dashboard saying "service engine soon." They changed my oil and recommended a list of services in order to get the light to go off, including an air filter, cabin filter, motor mount, front and rear brakes, transmission torque converter or overhaul and a side marker bulb. The car still runs fine. What should I do to get the notice to go off on my dash?

Updated: May 20, 2011, - 04:04 PM

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