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Eric Wieffering supervises coverage of local and regional news, including politics, education, the environment and other topics.

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An uphill fight to help workers get decent pay

Last month the city of St. Paul agreed to contribute almost $2 million toward the expansion of Cossetta's, a popular Italian restaurant near the Xcel Energy Center, that will eventually result in the equivalent of 100 new full-time jobs by 2015.

Updated: April 30, 2011, - 10:21 PM

Securities America: Boiler room on prairie

Near the end of Ameriprise Financial's annual shareholder meeting in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday, an investor asked why, after 13 years, the company had decided to sell its brokerage unit, Securities America.

Updated: April 28, 2011, - 07:01 AM

When it comes to CEO pay, some get what they deserve

One of the cruel ironies of proxy season, the time of the year when most companies tell us how much they paid their top executives, is that it comes when the rest of us are scrambling to file our tax returns.

Updated: April 23, 2011, - 01:50 PM

On debt, deficits, the Street's opinions

Manifest destiny didn't come cheaply, and maybe that explains why the United States emerged as one nation, under debt.

Updated: April 19, 2011, - 09:34 PM

Eric Wieffering: Union label has special meaning at golf course

Playing golf demands a willing suspension of disbelief. How else to explain why so many of us set off in pursuit of a score that our own record of futility suggests will remain forever unattainable?

Updated: April 16, 2011, - 10:08 PM

Balance mining's risk and rewards

Minnesota's Arrowhead and Florida's Bone Valley are about as far apart -- geographically, culturally and meteorologically -- as two regions in any one country can be. But they share at least one thing: a mining legacy that pits environmentalists against proponents of economic development.

Updated: April 14, 2011, - 10:40 PM

Companies need a tax break, not tax 'holiday'

One of the nuttier ideas making its way around Washington calls for enacting a temporary tax "holiday" for U.S. companies that have an estimated $1 trillion in profits squirreled away at foreign subsidiaries.

Updated: April 09, 2011, - 01:50 PM

He pursues fraud with tenacity of linebacker

Chris Madel swears he had no idea what the acronym BCS meant when got the job of investigating potentially illegal activities at the Fiesta Bowl, an Arizona nonprofit that hosted this year's title game of college football's Bowl Championship Series.

Updated: April 05, 2011, - 08:55 PM

A surprising sight on the factory floor: New workers

Manufacturing has been one of the true bright spots in the state and national economy during the past year.

Updated: April 02, 2011, - 11:08 PM

Minnesota's shrinking manufacturing economy

The manufacturing sector added jobs in the 1990s, but shed all those gains and more in the 2000s.

Updated: April 02, 2011, - 11:06 PM

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