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Jon Tevlin is a metro section columnist.

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Tevlin: Teamsters oppose Sunday sales of craft beers

The powerful Teamsters union recently began contacting legislators, saying they were not in favor of the bill.

Updated: April 16, 2014, - 10:34 AM

Tevlin: The ‘Tevlin Amendment’ aside, immunity card law needed

I thought students had a good idea in making the law clear, stipulating that a legislator couldn’t, say, drive drunk and get away with it.

Updated: April 15, 2014, - 09:16 AM

Tevlin: Legislators join battle against cattails

The cattail is actually a hybrid of native and nonnative species, and thus it has become incredibly aggressive.

Updated: April 08, 2014, - 11:32 PM

Tevlin: These legislators won't let go of DWI exemption

Raise your hand if you think there is any way that elected state legislators should be able get out of...

Updated: April 05, 2014, - 09:24 PM

Tevlin: OMG! You can survive without an iPhone and the Internet!

Not long ago I got into an elevator to find a young woman standing inside, staring at her cellphone. She...

Updated: April 02, 2014, - 09:23 PM

Tevlin: Legislators fight to keep their immunity from DWIs during session

Some political science students from Concordia University are getting a peek inside the sausage factory this legislative session, and they...

Updated: March 22, 2014, - 06:49 PM

Tevlin: Dayton needs to buck cops, back medical marijuana

The first thing that struck you about the gathering outside the governor’s residence Thursday were the families. Young couples pushing...

Updated: March 17, 2014, - 08:15 PM

March 12: Tevlin: PolyMet ads irked hockey TV audience

The ads message? Open-pit mining is like a healthy jog in the park.

Updated: March 12, 2014, - 08:57 AM

Tevlin: New Age thinking helped turn this North High team around

In an abnormally quiet room well after school let out, members of the North High boys basketball team sat with...

Updated: March 09, 2014, - 08:35 AM

Tevlin: 100 years as a witness to a lot of local history

Richard Morris Mann has seen and accomplished a lot in his nearly 100 years, but as he prepared to celebrate...

Updated: March 04, 2014, - 07:58 PM

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