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Tevlin: In Rep. Franson's district, 'animals' also known as constituents

When Rep. Mary Franson compared people who get food stamps to animals in the wild, beholden to humans who feed them, she was being blissfully ignorant of a growing number of people who live in a certain region in Minnesota.

Updated: March 10, 2012, - 07:38 AM

Tevlin: Think politics can't sink lower? Well, www.thinkagain ...

I think all of us, regardless of political orientation, can agree that it can't possibly get any worse in politics, that the level of crass, petty sniping has finally driven our opinion of the people who represent us to the ultimate bottom.

Updated: March 06, 2012, - 09:39 PM

Tevlin: It's the end of the line for the men living at Lee's

C.T. Wiggins walked through a clean, carpeted common space adorned with paintings of deer and ducks, giving a short oral history of life above Lee's Liquor Lounge just southwest of Target Field. The door to each room was splayed open, revealing empty rooms where a dozen men once lived, some for 20 years.

Updated: March 03, 2012, - 09:43 PM

Tevlin: Polar political opposites unite in Little Falls fight

The 1-percenter joined up with the 99-percenter to take on City Hall over sign ordinances.

Updated: February 29, 2012, - 07:52 PM

Tevlin: Bumper crop of 'nimbys' sprouts around plans for urban farms

The first onions and alliums are already planted in this urban farmland, tucked into greenhouses or under grow lights in people's basements. Soon, the trays of delicate starts might be moved outside to "hoop houses" to begin to harden.

Updated: February 28, 2012, - 10:13 PM

Disabled and independent, but for how much longer?

Charles Van Heuveln has worked under a program called Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with a Disability. In May, however, Van Heuveln turns 65 and will have to retire and lose his health insurance.

Updated: February 18, 2012, - 11:49 PM

Tevlin: These chocolate candies come with maker's heartfelt thanks

For many of us, the heart symbol is a bit of a ubiquitous cliché today; it says love about as meaningfully as a candy cane says Christmas.

Updated: February 13, 2012, - 08:54 PM

Tevlin: Rep. Walz settles for teeth, but no bite, on insider bill

Congressman Tim Walz was on his way to teach a class at Byron High School on Friday morning, fresh off what appeared to be a huge legislative victory. On Thursday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill co-authored by the First District Democrat that aims to clarify that members of Congress are not allowed to use nonpublic information gained on the job to enrich themselves in the stock market.

Updated: February 11, 2012, - 06:53 PM

Tevlin: Residents of Rochester are contemplating a murder of crows

They gather in gangs in Rochester's Central Park, they hide in the shadows and caw at the moon. They bother tourists and cancer patients and downtown businesses. They poop on your car.

Updated: February 07, 2012, - 09:33 PM

Tevlin: A patriot at heart fights City Hall over free speech

Robin Hensel is a 58-year-old mother, grandmother and foster mom whose family has a distinguished military history. Her father, two brothers and two uncles all served. One uncle, a pilot, even died in the military. One of the reasons they all served, she believes, was to protect her right to free speech.

Updated: February 06, 2012, - 08:57 PM

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