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Jon Tevlin is a metro section columnist.

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Tevlin: Readers, leaders step in to right wrongs

It has been a good week for compassionate church ladies and workers with disabilities, and therefore a good week for humanity.

Updated: April 30, 2012, - 11:58 PM

Great chefs: Sameh Wadi is world savvy

Born in Kuwait, Sameh Wadi brings the flavors of the Mediterranean to our Midwestern palates.

Updated: April 26, 2012, - 09:45 AM

Restaurants: Seasoned sense at Saffron

Sameh Wadi brings Middle Eastern flavors to Midwestern palates.

Updated: April 26, 2012, - 07:09 AM

Tevlin: Responsibility: Bill comes due for state GOP

A short history of the current Minnesota GOP, in their own words:

Updated: April 24, 2012, - 11:02 PM

Tevlin: Guard soldiers are losing time to Pentagon's broken promise

Sgt. Matthew Hite will be coming back to Minnesota soon after his third deployment with the Minnesota National Guard. While he's been in Kuwait the past 11 months, his 7-year-old son, Charles, has learned to play T-ball. Hite wasn't there to see it.

Updated: April 21, 2012, - 06:26 PM

Tevlin: Broken bones won't keep this biker from goal

Kurt Stafki was eager to draw attention to an event promoting biking, but not like this.

Updated: April 17, 2012, - 10:44 PM

Tevlin: DeLaSalle kids have a few words with archdiocese at marriage talk

When DeLaSalle senior Matt Bliss heard rumors that the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis planned to hold a mandatory school assembly to talk about marriage, and potentially gay marriage, he remembers thinking, "This is not going to end well."

Updated: April 03, 2012, - 11:18 PM

Tevlin: With Dude of the Statehouse departing, we lose a class act

"I've decided not to run for re-election," Kriesel said.

Updated: April 01, 2012, - 09:49 AM

Tevlin: Amid all the crooks and liars, readers pause to rally for Sally

Because you brush up against a lot of shysters, hucksters and outright liars in my business, it's easy to get cynical. You begin to think that optimists are simply people who are seriously out of the loop.

Updated: March 27, 2012, - 10:30 PM

Tevlin: Small-town reality is bleak when the streets empty of tourists

It was dusk in the small tourist town where spring had come so early that no one had expected visitors and the only thing open was the bar. So that's where the two boys went, kicking their scooters down the empty street.

Updated: March 26, 2012, - 07:53 PM

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