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Allie Shah

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Allie Shah writes about healthy living and wellness issues.

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Saintly City Cat Show has fanciers purring with pride

Cat love was on full display Saturday at the Saintly City Cat Show in St. Paul, drawing more than 100...

Updated: January 24, 2015, - 06:54 PM

Who needs fur? St. Paul cat show brings out the beauties

This weekend’s Saintly City Cat Show in St. Paul will be quite the beauty pageant — one in which contestants with furry armpits and whiskers are the norm.

Updated: January 20, 2015, - 05:12 PM

How to choose the right cold remedy in the medicine aisle

Caught the latest crud? Cut through the confusion with this guide to finding the right remedy in a sea of brands.

Updated: January 16, 2015, - 06:26 PM

Virus or bacteria? Know how to fight your enemy

When you're feeling sick, answering the "What do I have?" question is key to knowing when to use antibiotics. But nailing it down is tricky.

Updated: January 13, 2015, - 09:39 AM

Greg LeMond's new fitness book aims to unlock our hidden 'force'

The body’s “power plants” multiply with bursts of intense exercise, new fitness book explains.

Updated: January 04, 2015, - 08:09 PM

Health beat: Bold return of mumps is wakeup call for adults

Not since 2006 has there been this much talk about the highly contagious disease with the funny name — mumps.The...

Updated: January 02, 2015, - 06:31 PM

Flu shot less effective, what to do?

The current vaccine packs less punch against this year’s virus, but still is worth it.

Updated: December 10, 2014, - 05:57 PM

Is weather a barometer of painful joints and achy bones?

Can we really feel changes in the weather in our bones? While some dismiss the claims as nothing more than folklore, scientists are working to find out if there is a link between weather and pain.

Updated: December 09, 2014, - 02:40 PM

Bar belle: Twin Cities powerlifter is a social media heavyweight

A Twin Cities area Wonder Woman pumps up a sisterhood of female powerlifters. In person and online, she makes lifting look, well, glamorous.

Updated: December 02, 2014, - 06:07 PM

'Lactivist' brings breast-feeding into public eye

A Minneapolis mom’s Instagram account is driving the movement to erase the stigma of openly breast-feeding.

Updated: November 23, 2014, - 09:13 PM

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