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Gail Rosenblum writes two to three columns a week on people, social issues, trends, and the complexities of human relationships.

Recent content from Gail Rosenblum

Rosenblum: Judge turns to poetic justice

Hennepin County District Judge Franklin Knoll left the bench more than a decade ago, but some who stood before him stand before him still, locked in memory.

Updated: February 09, 2013, - 09:17 PM

Rosenblum: The truth about beauty, brains and Super Bowl commercials

If you're feeling guilty about your reaction to the now-infamous Super Bowl smooch (something like, "Oh, Gawd! Turn that off!"), you're in good company.

Updated: February 06, 2013, - 11:23 PM

Rosenblum: Parents' pain helps shift prescription drug awareness

Judy Rummler rarely takes even a Tylenol, so it was hard for her at first to understand the "electric-shock-like" pain her son, Steve, endured for most of his adult life.

Updated: February 04, 2013, - 07:44 PM

Rosenblum: Outreach by two media pros helps Hmong weather storms

Fingertips blackened by frostbite. Cars buried in snow up to their windows. Tornadoes swirling at a frenzied 120 miles per hour. Temperatures rising to 100-plus degrees.

Updated: January 31, 2013, - 01:47 PM

Rosenblum: Sometimes, best lessons are learned outside class

If we've learned anything from the ugly incident at Minneapolis Washburn High School, it's that we'd be wise to resist rushing away from feeling uneasy.

Updated: January 26, 2013, - 10:27 PM

Rosenblum: Memory Cafe helps couples hold on as long as possible

Valentine's Day still is three weeks away, but this love story can't wait.

Updated: January 23, 2013, - 08:11 PM

Rosenblum: Sign language supporter awaits White House response

Adrean Clark insists she's not an activist, just a hard-working mother who wants to right a wrong. That's the best kind of activist in my book.

Updated: January 21, 2013, - 08:47 PM

Rosenblum: Good TV drama is one thing; apology is quite another

It sounds like cyclist Lance Armstrong finally bared his soul to Oprah in an interview to be broadcast Thursday, admitting to America's Mother Confessor that he did, in fact, use performance-enhancing drugs to win races. This, despite vehemently denying the charges for years.

Updated: January 16, 2013, - 06:54 PM

Rosenblum: Classically trained actor steps into new role: Radio host

A new year gives us a new chance to imagine the dreams we'd chase if we had no fear, or mortgage payments.

Updated: January 12, 2013, - 09:58 PM

Rosenblum: For Mpls. rights group, India's rape trial suggests progress

The world is watching as five men go on trial in India this week, accused of gang-raping a 23-year-old physical therapy student in December in New Delhi. She died two weeks later of devastating internal injuries.

Updated: January 10, 2013, - 10:38 AM

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