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James Lileks writes a metro column and is an anchor/producer for NewsBreak, the webcast on startribune.com. He also blogs under The Blog O'Things.

Recent content from James Lileks

Green Line riders will catch a glimpse of Twin Cities history

When Green Line trains roll next Saturday, riders will glimpse a fragile landscape of Twin Cities history. A journey down University Avenue is a trip back in time.

Updated: June 07, 2014, - 07:21 AM

Lileks: Play ball – and nothing else! That's an order!

Are you planning a barbecue during the weeks surrounding the All-Star Game? Check with the city; this might be a...

Updated: June 05, 2014, - 08:03 PM

Lileks: How to deal with a black bear meandering the suburbs

As I write there is a black bear wandering the southwest ’burbs. One news report said parents whose children walked...

Updated: May 31, 2014, - 04:43 PM

Lileks: It’s time to go on the offensive in the war against pesky skeeters

At 12:01 a.m. last Monday I was bitten by a mosquito. One minute into Memorial Day, the unofficial start of...

Updated: May 29, 2014, - 08:42 PM

Lileks: Save $120 – and your life – and wait for the walk sign

Someone who knows someone I know got a ticket for jaywalking the other day, and like any good columnist I...

Updated: May 24, 2014, - 02:14 PM

Lileks: Who are these new citizens of Minneapolis?

The population of Minneapolis finally cracked 400,000, which means it’s time to put up new signs at the border. I...

Updated: May 22, 2014, - 09:39 PM

Lileks: Here we go 'round the hucklebush

A few columns back I discussed the steps necessary to get the city to replace a tree they tore out...

Updated: May 17, 2014, - 03:36 PM

Lileks: Why all the nonsensical trends? Blame 'I dare you'

Perhaps you’ve heard of the new fad among Kids These Days, which is jumping into cold water. Goes by many...

Updated: May 15, 2014, - 09:08 PM

James Lileks - My Perfect Saturday - 2014 Best of MN

I love to grocery shop, but the weekly outings are often complicated by all the amateurs who are also loading...

Updated: May 15, 2014, - 11:58 AM

Lileks: Make phone thieves believe kill switch is literally lethal

The Legislature is considering a requirement to force all new cellphones to have a kill switch. If the phone is...

Updated: May 10, 2014, - 04:32 PM

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